Know 8 smart ways to save money on a tight budget in India

Know 8 smart ways to save money on a tight budget in India

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While we would all love to have money that we can spend thoughtlessly when traveling, that’s not practically possible always. However, there are some ways to save money on a tight budget that we can all use and travel comfortably. In a country like India, this is especially important since sometimes you may encounter different prices in different places of the same thing. Read on to know how to save money on a trip to India.

Simple tricks to save even when money is tight:

We’ve mentioned some of the best tips and tricks to save money even when you’re on a tight budget. Use this tips and learn how to be tight with money while on a trip to India.

1. Pick smart travel dates

One of the best ways to save money is to pick travel dates wisely. The smart way is to travel during off-season and book tickets well in advance. Flights you book for a family trip will also some cheaper as will booking for a round trip. That being said, sometimes, last minute flights will also come at incredibly cheap rates. So make sure to do your research well as this is one of the sure shot ways to save money on a tight budget.

2. Make wise accommodation choices

Staying at a five star hotel is an expense that you don’t really need to incur. Instead, pick a reasonable guest house. While that may not be as luxurious to stay at, it will still offer you all the services required for a comfortable stay. If you happen to be a solo traveler, then your options just increased. There are scores of small but tidy backpacker hostels spread across the country which are incredibly cheap to lodge in.

3. Address food concerns

It’s true that Indian cuisine is one of the most delicious ones in the world. But it’s also true that not everyone has the stomach to digest such spice-infused food however delicious it may be. If you aren’t used to Indian food, you should carry your own food at least for a couple of days in the beginning of your travel. Try a few less spice-filled dishes first. Until then, take no chances and carry your own food. This will also save you money that you would otherwise spend in a restaurant.

4. Use family packages and deals

You should use deals and packages meant for families whenever possible as they come with concession rates. There are family tours as well that will save you money as opposed to tours meant only for one person. By traveling in group you’ll be able to save more and there are more chances of you availing good bargains and discounts. Also, sometimes it’s more fun to travel in a group than solo. So the next time you book business class flights for a visit to India, consider making it a family trip.

5. Consider public transport as a way of commuting

Admittedly, public transport can be more than a bit daunting in India. But there are thousands of Indians who use the public transport system in India on a daily basis. Consider using local buses and trains to get from one place to another in the city. There are auto rickshaws and cabs as well but they are costlier options than these. Get a local friend to go with you the first few times on a bus or a train to help you get used to it. Then you can do it on your own. This is one of the best ways to save money on a tight budget in India.

6. Bargain while shopping

Street markets are among the best places to get some shopping done in India. One thing to remember is that there is no fixed price for anything. Do a little research on what the current cost of things you wish to buy is in the market before you head out to shop. This way, you can avoid being overcharged for something the locals are paying much less for. Polish your bargaining skills before you head to the markets and get those discounts!

7. Look for free or cheap entertainment

There are several places in India that cost you almost next to nothing to enjoy. For instance, Raahgiri event held in Delhi once a week is absolutely free to enjoy. It’s a car-free day when locals gather and indulge in all sorts of fun activities. It’s among the best offbeat things to do in Delhi. Look for free or cheap things you can do in whichever city you are traveling to. There are plenty of public parks and free performances as well which you in can enjoy in different parts of the country.

8. Keep a flexible schedule

One of the best ways to save money on a tight budget is to keep a flexible schedule and itinerary. Even if you keep a fixed schedule, things may not always go as per plan. So it’s best to be spontaneous and go with whatever best deal comes along. It’s a good idea to be flexible even when booking cheap flights for the trip as you’ll have a lot more options that way.

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