5 Reasons your skin is getting darker

5 Reasons your skin is getting darker

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Changing your skin colour might have many reasons. The best dermatologists in Fort Worth  will be able to tell you the exact reason rather than a normal doctor. 

Everybody loves to have glowing skin, but due to some reasons your skin colour changes. In this article the main five reasons will be explained briefly.

Sun exposure:

Face and hands are the most exposed part of the body daily. Sun directly reflects on your face when you go out during the day. The harmful uv rays then stimulate extreme melanin production in your skin. The more production of melanin in the body leads to skin getting darker. Apart from this, sunrays can also create premature age spots and can lead to hypermentation. This is one of the main reasons skin gets darker but no one is able to notice this reason. The best cosmetic surgery Fort Worth help you in giving skin care products suitable for our skin and they are highly leading ones from the past few years.


Due to inflammation, your face can get discolouration. It happens due to acne, eczema and due to an injury aslo. If any one of the symptoms you find, it causes skin inflammation. During the reduction of inflammation, you get hyperpigmented skin.

Harmful beauty products:

Your face undergoes a lot when you put on different makeup products which contain many harmful chemicals regularly. These chemicals cause serious damage to your skin like dry patches, premature ageing spots, hyperpigmentation, etc. This is the reason for your skin discolouration. 

Increase in age:

Many people notice their skin getting dark day by day with the increase of age. This is because the existing melanocytes in the body increase in size and they become more centralised. So skin gets darker when you reach your early 40’s. To avoid any of these symptoms best dermatologists in Fortworth are able to help you earlier. So contact them now and book an appointment to know the reasons for your skin discolouration. 

Medical conditions:

There are some medical conditions which can trigger your skin colour. Some diseases like addisons affect your adrenal gland and can eventually lead your face to discolouration around your lips and cheeks which is known as hyperpigmentation.

These are the five basic and main reasons for your skin dicolouation. To avoid these in an earlier stage, visit the best dermatologist near you and cure them at beginning..

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