Canon Pixma Ts3122 Setup

Canon Pixma Ts3122 Setup

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Canon is a renowned and world-class brand across the globe for its innovative products that are of high-quality. Moreover, Canon offers printers, cameras, and a variety of other quality products. Therefore, printers are a focal area that attracts a huge public worldwide because of their upgrade quality print functions.

In this article we will discuss the entire setup for Canon Pixma Ts3122. It is a wireless inkjet printer that helps to provide crystal clear prints of the documents. Additionally, it's a perfect tool to get quality photo prints in a short time. Printing is possible from any room of the house with seamless internet connectivity.

Canon Pixma Ts3122 Setup Using Ij.Start.Cannon
Please ensure excellent internet connectivity to begin the Canon Pixma Ts3122 setup process.
Next, plug in your printer, then turn it on.
Kindly check the light just below the power button to see if it is green lit to confirm that your printer is connected.
Make sure that the power light is flashing, then press to stop the light.
Then, press then hold down the button for a few seconds until an icon flashes.
In this case, your printer will switch to access to wireless networks.
In addition, you have to download the application using Ij.Start.Cannon, this is the official site of this tool.
For this, please put the CD-ROM that you've received from the Canon Pixma printer into your computer.
Else, you can click here to smoothly visit the official site of the software.
Hit the red button saying "SET UP" available on the website to download.
A new window will appear in front of you. There you need to type in the correct product name in the section that you are in and click"OK" "OK" button.
Following that, a second window will pop up Select"SETUP" to proceed "SETUP" option to proceed further.
If you're using windows nine or higher the following text will appear on the screen, for example "RUN," "Save As," and "Cancel."
Just click the "Save As" option from the save menu , and save it to any location.
Click on the "Download" button, which appears in the same window, in gray.
Then, click the "Run" option, and shortly thereafter, open the downloaded file on your computer . This will start.
Once the download process is completed when it is finished, it will display an "ij.start.cannon" option in green. Please select it , and proceed.
It will take a little time, so please keep the same tab open.
Select the country or region in the table showing on the screen. After that, click to click "NEXT" at the bottom right-hand corner of the same window.
Within a few minutes, the screen for the licence agreement will appear. Please read it carefully and then click the "YES" to continue.
Then, your screen will display the "Extended Survey Program" page. On this page, click "AGREE" to proceed further.
Then, select the "Next" option and click the "YES" button.
Next, you will be asked to enter your Wireless Network Password and click "Next."
When you can see the connection completed on your screen, please hit "NEXT."
Thus, drivers will be installed and the screen will display a "Printhead Alignment" page. Thus, bring up a plain document and then click"Printhead Alignment" and then click on the "Printhead Alignment" option, then click "NEXT" without a break.
Hence, here you will see a test print window and you can click the "START" button.
After printing the test After printing, press "NEXT." Hence, your printer is connected to the computer.
Please tick"x" in the "Set As Default Printer" box if it is Your default printer.
Here you got your software installed, click the "NEXT."
There will be a list of Canon applications on your screen. You can press "NEXT" here too.
Wait for several minutes and then, you will get instructions on how to set up your mobile device. After that, click "NEXT," and another window will be opened for you to register your device.
When you've completed your registration, you will be able to proceed with the installation.
So, you're finished with the previous steps. Now, click the "EXIT" option, which will complete the Canon Pixma ts3122 Setup.

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