About Cenforce 150 mg

About Cenforce 150 mg

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Cenforce 150 Mg is produced through Centurion Laboratories in India. It is among the most well-known Sildenafil brands available on the marketplaces. It is sold in USA market under the brand name of Sildenafil tablets. It is a very popular male product for extending erections. The product is also called"the "blue pill'. It is essentially an alternative of the popular male product, Viagra

Information About the Drug
Cenforce 150mg consists of 150 mg sildenafil citrate. It is offered in the form of tablets for oral consumption. Other versions of Cenforce with different strengths in all ranges from Cenforce 25mg and up Cenforce 200mg are also available on the marketplaces. Sildenafil citrate is a salt. Sildenafil citrate can be helpful in creating long-lasting erections that are which is beneficial to a better sexual experience.

The Salt of The Drug
Sildenafil citrate, the sodium that is found within Cenforce. Cenforce brand. It blocks the action of the enzyme PDE- 5 which prolongs the time of penis's erection in males. Many kinds of salts are readily available on the market. Additionally, it is comes in different strength. Your doctor may recommend the dosage that is most suitable to your needs. In the beginning, men are prescribed 50 mg and this can be increased or decreased based on the approval of the body.

Medical Uses of the Drug
Cenforce 150 mg is utilized to increase the flow of blood to the penis, and for extending the duration of the erection. A long-lasting erection is essential for better sexual pleasure. It is especially beneficial for those suffering from sexual disorders and impotency due to the inability to sexually perform without erections or insufficient sexual erection.

Work Of A Drug
150 mg of sildenafil Citrate is the salt found in Cenforce 150 mg. It is a drug that falls into the class of Phosphodiesterase5 5 inhibitors that is an enzyme that is present throughout the body. It works by reducing the actions of PDE- 5, resulting in an increase in levels of another enzyme, CGMP. This results in a boost to the flow of blood to the penis and aids in the lengthening of the erection.

It takes approximately 30 minutes for the drug to enter the bloodstream and for the drug's effects to start. For the best results, you should you should take the medication one hour prior to sexual activity.

The Side Effects
A majority of patients taking Cenforce 150 mg don't have any unwanted side negative effects. However, occasionally, the following symptoms can be noticed in some patients:

Afraid stomach
Orthostatic hypotension i.e the decrease in blood pressure upon rising from a the lying or sitting in a lying
Vision blurred
How to Utilize
Drink Cenforce 150 mg tablets along with plain water. It is suggested to take the drug one hour before the planned sexual contact. Take only one pill at one time. It is not recommended taking more than one tablet every day. Avoiding overdoses is essential. If you experience an overdose, consult your doctor right away.

Drugs that are Known to Interact With This Medicine
Certain medications interact with Cenforce 150 mg tablets. The two medications should not be used together in order to avoid negative reactions. Some of the medications that interact in conjunction with Cenforce 150 mg are:

Nitrates like Isosorbide dinitrate
Alpha-blockers like Doxazosin and Tamsulosin, and Doxazosin.
Antifungals like Ketoconazole Itraconazole
Erythromycin and Clarithromycin
What to Avoid When the Drug
In certain circumstances it is recommended to use cenforce 150 mg should be strictly avoided. Certain of these circumstances are listed below:

Allergies to dug components
Deformed penis
People suffering from sickle cell anemia
People suffering from venous occlusive disease
Patients who are experiencing or have an history with stomach ulcers.
Things to Avoid While You Are Using The Drug
While receiving treatment with Cenforce 150 mg, the patient must be aware of the following:

Avoid alcohol consumption. Drinking alcohol in conjunction with the drug may increase the chance of developing low blood pressure.
Beware of citrus fruit. They can hinder the absorption of the drug into the bloodstream.
General Information
Only take one pill the day
It is possible to take the tablet either with or without food. The beginning of the action occurs quicker with an empty stomach, opposed to taking it with food.
Allergies can cause trouble breathing and throat swelling. If you notice of these reactions, see your physician.
The drug is only suitable for those who are above 18 years old.
A few of the safety precautions that come with the usage of Cenforce 150 mg are listed below:

Alcohol Alcohol Avoid drinking alcohol while on treatment using Cenforce 150 mg, as it could lower the BP and cause adverse reactions.
Driving Driving There are no hallucinations or dizziness are observed as side effects, so it is secure to take this medication prior to driving
Pregnancy This drug unfit to be consumed by women who are pregnant.
Lactation If mothers who are lactating take Cenforce 150 mg Cenforce 150 mg, it could reach the baby through ilk and cause harm to the baby. Therefore, lactating mothers should avoid taking these pills.
The medicine should be stored at a room temperatures i.e between 15and 25 degrees Celsius. Do not expose the medicine to direct light and humid conditions both of which could result in the destruction of the beneficial properties of the medication.

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