Canon Inkjet printer Hardware Setup by using setup page

Canon Inkjet printer Hardware Setup by using setup page

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The provides the appreciative services to users and steps to install the device on your system. This setup page, aids the users to configure Inkjet printer on your device for the primary time, as well as provides essential information during the following needs. 

The steps include prerequisites for the setup, establish the network connection, installing the Canon inkjet printer setup and download the driver setup.

How do you get and install IJ.start. Canon application on Tablet or Android phone?

This is the easiest procedure to download and install the IJ.start.CANON Installer application for Android phone and tablet devices.

Take your tablet or smartphone and go to the Play Store or another store on the device.
You can then search for IJ.start. Canon Setup under the search tab in the Play Store.
Then, the list of applications will be displayed.
Here you can see the first use of the IJ setup.
Click it.
Click on”Install.
Then, the download of the application will begin.
Wait for it.
Once you have downloaded the file, the installation will begin immediately.
After installation, you can open the application.
The application is now available to connect and use.

How to download and install the IJ.start. Canon driver?

This is the procedure or method for downloading and then install the Setup driver or software;

Then, you must first, open the browser on your device.
Then visit the link or URL https://IJ.start.CANON using the browser.
Then, the home page for IJ.start. Canon Setup will appear. IJ.start. Canon Setup will be displayed.
There are a number of options for IJ Start CANON Setup printer configuration.
In these applications it is necessary to choose the first option.
Choose the first option which is set Up (Start Here).
After that, the page with the product’s name will appear.
You must select the model number or serial code of the IJ.start. Canon printer on this page.
You can enter directly the model number of the product.
You can also select the name of the product alphabetically.
The alphabetical order is shown below.
Once you’ve selected the product’s name Click on the Go button.
A download page will appear.
Then click the Download button.
The download from the set-up will commence.
After that, open the downloads, and double-click the installation.
After that, click the Yes button.
Click Run. Run option.
The driver is now ready to connect wirelessly to the printer.

The wireless connection to the IJ.start. Canon Pixma Printer with the software driver of IJ Canon:
Here is how to connect the IJ Start CANON Setup driver to the printer wirelessly

Once you’ve downloaded the driver a new tab for starting the connection will appear.
Go to the printer and switch to the printing device.
Press the button to set up the printer.
Then, you’ll be able to see your Wireless LAN setup option on the printer’s screen.
Then press OK in the printhead.
Use the right arrow button switch the setting to the other setup option.
If you see the other set-up option, hit the OK button.
Then, press the left arrow button to switch the to the cableless setup.
Press the OK button to show the cable less option appear on the screen.
Follow the steps in the display.
Then go to the driver, then open it.
After that, click the Start button.
Select from the Wireless LAN option, then select the next option.
Click Next and you can choose up to two slides.
Choose the preferred method of connection. Click on the Next button.
Select the Cableless setup option, and then select the Next option.
Click on the Next button for as many as three slides.
Once you have successfully connected After the connection is successful, select the Next button.
Then, the applications to install will show up.
Install the appropriate applications for the driver.
Then, the Agreement and License page will appear.
Review all agreements and licenses before clicking on the Yes button.
Click on the Next option.
Click on “Complete.
Then, place the paper in the printer, and then take an initial print.
This is it. The IJ Start the CANON Setup driver is now connected

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