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So. I've returned. Much awaited? I'm not sure - however - what I am sure of is 2018. 2018 is a year that, come hook or crook, I am determined to make it my year. My year of productivity, positivity and travel.

I already have some trips planned that I'm psyched out of my mind about and I'll be writing blogs about them. That's New Year's Resolution number one: I am going to blog weekly. Whether I have people reading or whether I just use it to de-stress - to me it does not matter. Writing helps in so many ways and I want to help and inspire others to do the same.

How was everyone's Christmas? I got a TON of accessories to help me travel and I will be including them in a later blog so watch this space. Seriously. Watch it.

If you read my previous blog (which was uploaded a long time ago, you won't see those big time gaps again) you'll already know that I'm young. I'm 15. And traveling on my own is a couple years off yet. I either have to wait for family to take me or I wait until I'm 16 or so. Both ways end up costing money, and we all know traveling requires saving. Which consequently brings me to my New Year's Resolution number twoSaving money. I don't work, I'm in full-time education, so saving can be challenging. But, albeit I do it. Why? Well, because I want to see the world. Us humans - wherever in the world you may be - have an ENTIRE planet to explore. 7.6 Billion people out there that you could meet. So, why sit at home? Why work 9 to 5 doing something that you hate you have when you could be fulfilling your passions? My train of thinking was that if I start saving now, I'll have two things when I can travel alone. Money, obviously. But, even more important than the money, I'll have an amazing money saving ability that I'll be able to stick by because I've instilled it in myself so early on. That's something I want to religiously abide by for the rest of my life.

My New Year's Resolution number three: is that I'm not going to get sucked into negativity surrounding me. Sometimes you are in an environment, situation or atmosphere in which it is particularly easy to be drawn to negativity and even join in on it. As a 15 year old in this society I feel like it is expected of people my age to act this way and I wanna break the mold and be a positive, radiant person. How can I stand here and say I want to have a positive influence on the world if I am being negative? I can't tell people how to live their own lives, but I certainly can choose how to live my own.

Please, please, please - if you have ANY tips on traveling, saving money or little life hacks that make traveling less stressful and more enjoyable tell me because I want all of the advice I can get from some of the greats on here and are part of this community with me. I thank Track That Travel for making this possible for me to write on here but above all I thank anyone that has influenced me in anyway - good or bad - because you have fuelled me to be motivated. In 2017 I set my goals, 2018 is where I achieve them. Thank you for reading, see you next week!

You can follow me on instagram @worldbyhol where the link to my latest blog will be posted in my bio each week. Bye!!

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travel blog

Jestan Mendame January 3rd, 2018

Yes! Keep on writing! It doesn't matter if people read them or not but it's just a way to express yourself.

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