Sea of Clouds-Treasure Mountan in Tanay,Rizal, Philippines

Sea of Clouds-Treasure Mountan in Tanay,Rizal, Philippines

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The Clouds, the only birds that never sleeps.
                                             -Victor Hugo-

Never experience sea of clouds in life?

I'll be featuring some of my overnight tour and early morning Sea of Clouds on top of the mountain. 

Tanay, Rizal, Philippines, Southern Province of the Country. Roughly 2-3 hours by land from the capital--Manila. 

Give you the breathtaking and let your spirit unwind the beautiful nature.

Let me give you some tips and itineraries on how to get there.

If you arrive in Manila or came from the Manila Airport take a cab, much better take a grab or uber bound to Crossing, Edsa. Take off and go to Parklea Area Crossing where Jeepneys bound to Tanay,Rizal.

Crossing Edsa-Tanay,Public Market-Fare roughly  around 60 pesos ($1.50)

Once you get there, take a jeep again bound to Sampaloc,Rizal. Once there, take a jeep bound to Cogeo and drop off to Sitio Maysawa. 

Tricycles are waiting at the waiting shed, you can hire them for 50 pesos or about $.90cents per passenger.

Then there you go, you reach the area. Register first before you might go to the gazeeboo where you can pitch your tent. 

Register first! Visit their Facebook Page "Treasure Mountain"


Entrance fee: 200 pesos per pax ($4)
Pitch tent: 300 pesos($6)
Fares: roughly 500 pesos Roundtrip (estimated $10)

Feel free for comments!

Maraming Salamat Po!
Happy New Year!

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bagitongtraveler28 travel blog images

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adamusa May 14th, 2023

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danielusa January 16th, 2023

Sea of Clouds-Treasure Mountain is an address that you must definitely visit when traveling krunker in the Philippines tetris unblocked
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nishaknapp August 10th, 2022

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