5 Important ORM Tips For The Best Google Search Ranking

5 Important ORM Tips For The Best Google Search Ranking

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Much of people’s online journey starts with a search making this one of the biggest parts to manage your online reputation. This includes trying to control and influence the results that appear when someone performs the searches of your brand, products, services and the key people involved. Thus, you need to follow the important ORM tips to rank at the top of Google SERPs. But, you need to understand what ORM is in the first place.

What Is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

The ORM full form is Online Reputation Management that involves rebuilding and improving your brand’s name for good standing. It can be done by countering, weakening and thwarting the negative material found on the internet and replacing it with the positive material for improving your credibility and the customer’s trust on you.

So if you want to manage your online reputation, where do you actually start?

5 ORM Tips For Best Ranking In Google SERP :

Do you want to know how to improve ORM to rank higher? Here are the five important ORM tips that you need to follow if you are planning to rank at the top of the Google Search Engine Results Page. Additionally, you would also require to know the latest Online Reputation Management (ORM) trends.

▹ What SERP Things Are People Seeing When They Are Searching For Your Brand?

One of the very first and useful ORM best practices for this is to conduct an audit to learn what the people are seeing when they are searching for your brand keywords on Google and various other search engines. There are various other elements in addition to the organic results that appear in the SERPs such as paid search results, Google Knowledge Graph, Twitter cards, videos, images, maps, other listings and much more. Simultaneously, you need to analyze the elements that are appearing based on the region, device, country and the search query intent as all of these might offer different results. 

▹ What Can You Expect To Control Or Own Of The SERP Elements Appearing For Your Brand?

You can have control over or own what is there on your website, the blog of your company, how you get represented in the industry profiles, the social media profiles of your company. All of these can make their way to the Google SERPs if proper ORM strategy is maintained.

▹ Communicating Your Brand In The Parts Of The SERPs That You Can Expect To Control Or Own

Next you will require to ensure that everything on the pages that you can control or own is on message. You have to question yourself to analyze such as:

➊ Is all my content up to date?
➋ Does it successfully highlight all the positive things that I want the targeted audience to know about my company?
➌ Is my company consistent across all the different elements including the videos, images and the online slide presentations?

▹ How To Maximize The Visibility In The Google SERPs Of The Elements You Can Control Or Own?

If you want to push the parts that you control or own to higher up in the search engine rankings, how would you do it to make them visible for the brand searches? This is a huge topic to be discussed and usually falls under the work of your SEO consultant. 

This includes ensuring that your properties and web pages are optimized technically, paying attention to various parameters such as site structure, site speed, load time, internal linking as well as the content optimization on the individual pages and acquiring mentions and backlinks from the other sites. All of these have an impact on the performance of a particular domain in the search results.

▹ Influencing The Parts You Don’t Control Or Own

Several elements in the search results that you do not control or own directly controls what could rank in the SERPs for your brand. This also includes the mentions of the other websites and ranges from the partners to competitors, blogs, online forums, review sites and industry publications. 

You need to understand that you cannot directly control what these sites publish about your brand, but you have some influence. If you think something is out of date or incorrect, you might consider contacting the author or owner and ask them to rectify it. If you find a negative forum or social media post, you might go ahead and respond to it. 

To Sum Up…

The online reputation management in search needs to be on the agenda of every organization looking forward to having an online presence. Ideally, you need to devote time and resources for proactively cultivating it. Considering all the important ORM tips, you need to also focus on the video results, image results, news results, site links and knowledge graphs that too have an influence on your ranking. 

It is best to consult the best ORM company rather than fumble on the internet searching “how to do orm”. They are professionals who will work much better with their proven reputation management strategies online.

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