What Does an SAP functional Consultant do?

What Does an SAP functional Consultant do?

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What Does an SAP functional Consultant do?
You must be aware of SAP. It is a German company that is known for creating software products for companies that help them manage their business operations more effectively. It is mainly known for its ERP.

SAP ERP's basic functionality includes sales, handling procurement to shipping, handling costs to finances, and so on. Process runs through various types of codes. Every business requirement is like a code, and various codes are put together to form a complete business process in SAP. To handle all such coding and transaction work, professionals are appointed. Herein, a functional consultant performs the real-time duty of understanding the requirement and transforming it into a business process.

What is the role played by a functional consultant?
A functional consultant initiates a conversation with the customer’s representatives and evaluates the demands of the consumers. He looks after the abstract and algorithm business models, identifies the use cases, and transforms them into logical and technical views.

The role of a functional consultant follows:

Customization of the respective business area and preparing the system according to the constraints of the respected use case.
Documentation of the settings and preparation of the guidelines is done by the consultant in order to make necessary changes or repair work that needs to be processed with due effort.
It’s the duty of the SAP functional consultant to give proper training to the users and make sure that the system is working properly, allowing a complete and correct business flow.
If required, he also does the testing work that tests the behavior of the system.
The main duty of the consultant is to transfer external know-how to the client and make sure that the SAP system works properly without any defects. A functional consultant uses their intelligence, understanding of processes, and capability to search for the defects that bring out a perfect business process at the end.

What role does a functional consultant play in end-to-end implementation?
In end-to-end implementation, a functional consultant generates the required knowledge about the running business process and its designs and learns about the processes and complications, if any. After the study, flow diagrams and DFDs are prepared.

The consultant needs to configure the information and document it as per the categories in their predefined templates. Also, the consultant needs to do mapping and GAP analysis for each module.

Before configuring the future business processes, an SAP functional consultant needs to prepare DFD/ERD, which are also known as "To be" documents that are prepared as a result of mapping and GAP analysis.

If required, functional consultants are asked to prepare the test scripts as well. Even end-user manuals and user training are also a part of the work undertaken by the functional consultants.

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In short, the role of a SAP functional consultant is to understand business requirements or map business processes in SAP and configure the system to meet customers’ needs in standard SAP process. If there are certain business requirements that cannot be met by the SAP standard process, then the consultant will create new programs and tools to meet those demands.

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