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New York or as it’s known the BIG 🍎.

This was my latest and most recent trip and was a bucket list trip for me and my sister who was my travel companion, the reason for this we are huge sex and the city and friends fans and for years and years we said we wanted to always do a girls trip to this city.

I remember me and sister sitting on her sofa watching the whole box set of friends and sex and the city, snuggled up with a blanket and lots of snacks. We said to each other one day we would go together and we made it happen, you can go to different wonderful places and experience them you just have to put your mind to it.

One thing I have learnt about this place is you either really love it or you don’t, for me I loved it.

You can fit so much in to your itinerary if you plan before hand and narrow it down to places and sights you want to visit, check the areas out on a map you may be able to combine sights if they are in the same area.

We was a little bit worried because before we travelled many people said it’s so expensive and with the dollar rate not being good we wouldn’t get as much for our money. Well I do believe city’s are expensive in general but from my travel experience you can always make it cheap or expensive as you want and yes somethings was expensive like alcohol but others wasn’t, a little bit of advice though your only doing the trip maybe once so if you have to pay double for a drink it’s what it is but making the memories are free.

Personaly I stayed away from the big chain restaurants as I knew they would be over busy and pricey and you can go many places in the world to them nowadays, going off the beaten track and using local Delhi’s and all you can eat buffet places is a great savings and coffees to go.

We stayed on Lexington Avenue which is so central to everything and once you get your bearings it’s easy to get around, everything is practically in a circle and everything leads to each other.

The metro was so easy to use we just researched were we needed to be and routes before hand and took a screen shot plus there was always many people to ask and was happy to help.

I used a free app which didn’t need WiFi but gave me a map and WiFi hotspots, I recommend before hand downloading some of these apps. We pre booked theatre tickets because we really wanted to see Chicago which is a popular show, if you want to see a show but don’t mind which one wait till you get there.

I would recommend purchasing the explorer pass or New York City pass and you can pick the number of attractions we just picked three but it was great you choice when you want to go and what to see and you get a bit of savings but avoid the ticket purchase queueing.

I was really amazed at how friendly people was which is very strange for a big city and everyone was always happy to help even the ticket selling people, what amazed me is they would give you advice and help even if you didn’t buy anything from them and usually lets be honest that doesn’t happen much.

Many people go to this city for shopping but that wasn’t my main motive but of course we checked out the major department stores and Tiffany’s, I did how ever buy my first ever designer handbag at a bargain price and I have always wanted a decent bag. In the Uk we have a store called tk max but in the US they have tj max which I found so much better and my sister got Michael Kors watch less then half the price in the Uk.

Times square is great to see in the day and at night but my honest advice don’t spend all your time round there get off the beaten track, once you’ve seen it walked around and maybe took a selfie you are done.Head of the beaten track a little away from the tourist hot spots and crowds.

The Empire State Building and top of the rock was both fantastic and had amazing views over the sky line but if you could only do one go to the top of the rock as you get a great view of the Empire State Building which you would never get from the Empire State.  Avoid a weekend and probably head up about 17:00 o’clock so you get day and night views and sunset.

Like I said do some research as there is so many cool roof top bars in New York were you can get great views and relax with views of the skyline maybe with a cocktail.

Take the free Staten Island ferry and you can get great views of the world trade centre and Statue of Liberty and if you like you can explore the island.

We headed on the metro to see the world trade centre and 9/11 memorial one day. We did our research and made a day of this so we had a look in century 21 and walked the Brooklyn bridge and to top it of we did a ferry round the Statue of Liberty.

We didn’t bother with the hop on hop off buses as we like walking and I find if you walk you stumble by things and see more and like I said previously it’s so easy to get around. Remember walking is free, great excersise and you get to see so much more.

My highlight was Central Park because we went during Autumn (Fall) and I love this time of year when the sun is shining and the leaves are all pretty colours. The park is huge you need a whole day here and there is so much much going on we didn’t do a whole day but did have a lovely walk around and took some beautiful pictures and thought about many films we had watched that had been filmed here.

Going back to the start I said we was a sex and the city and friends fans. We looked at the sex and the city tour and I said I think we can pick out the bits we want to see and do it our selfs as we had already seen the bridge and seen the public library.We headed to Greenwich village on the metro and this is where we found the friends apartment and Carries step and had a cupcake at magnolia bakery. I really liked this area it wasn’t touristy and you got a real feel for the city and you could walk slowly and look at the houses, this was not far on the metro. If you want to save some money DIY your excursions.

Grand central station is amazing you need to go look inside and outside such amazing architecture. 

We did get ripped of and brought tickets to this comedy club but it was actually really funny and wasn’t touristy and it felt like you was a local living in New York City.

My sister had watched the film when Harry Met Sally and researched about this amazing diner called Katz Delhi so we checked it out and I have to say even though it was expensive it was the best sandwich I have tryed and I felt like Joey out of friends ha ha, so check this place out but I will say maybe share a sandwich as they are full and crammed with filling.

If your like me and fancy a beer after a long day of sight seeing and walking but want to save money, head to the local convenience shop buy from there and have it in your room why you are relaxing or freshening up. Remember to take ID though. This saved some penny’s.

I think I have gone on enough but hope this helps any one planning a trip. Remember you can go for three, four, five or six nights and see everything as long as you plan before hand what you want to do and plan you days out this way you will fit in so much and tick everything of your list.

If you want to head of the beaten track go over to Coney Island and see the original Luna Park and don’t be scared to get the metro it is not as busy as the London tube. If you have lots of time try and combine your trip with a visit to New Jersey.

Another bit of advice if your booking a package trip pre book shared transfers as taxis are very expensive especially on the airport route,if your booking it all separately check out resort hoppa and you can pre book transfers at a great price.

Set your self a budget and remember it can be as cheap or expensive as you want it’s really up to you. Dosent matter what types of traveller you are you can do budget or luxury there is something for everyone.

last bit of advice New York has two airports JFK or Newark and it dosent matter which airport you fly in to they are both the same distance just opposite ways. This will help if your trying to get the best price airfares.

Do not hesitate to ask me any questions and check out my instagram for pictures Ditzy1987.

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ditzy1987 February 8th, 2018

@kaitlynestelle thank you for taking the time to comment and yes a must girls trip, if you want any more tops let me know 😊
travel blog

Kaitlynestelle January 2nd, 2018

Your trip sounds perfect! I would love to have a girls weekend/Sex and the City trip to NY, thanks for all the great tips:)

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