Fantastic Birthday Party Ideas for Birthday Parties

Fantastic Birthday Party Ideas for Birthday Parties

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If you're looking for the ideal birthday theme, easy and simple decorations, or fun game ideas, then you're at the right spot. There are 50 ways that will make your kid's special day memorable and enjoyable for all.


Invite your guests to join in the festive mood by making these easy invitations.

Fly Me In

Cut the paper in the shape of an airplane , and decorate. Attach the white ribbon or a piece of white paper on top of the plane, like streamers, and write your party's details on the back of it.

Frame Me

For a more elegant invitation you can create a DIY frame using pinking shears , or craft shears with fun edges (scallops or half-circles, triangulars, etc.). Cut large-sized shapes, like apples or fish and stick your invitation at the center of each design.

All-Star Party

Send baseball-themed invitations that include your Birthday child's photo within the frame and details about the celebration within the area that reads "stats." To create the invitations, use an image copy machine that is color or computer.

Doll It Up

Draw a body for a doll on paper and then put an image of color of the head of the birthday girl over it. The party's details should be written on the body. Then, attach the cut-out of the dress that children can decorate and color. Ask guests to take their own creations to the event.

Garden Party

Adhere an invitation to a seed bag such as corn, sunflowers or marigolds. Set up starter pots and dirt at the event, together with additional containers of seeds.

Jump-Start Invitation

Tape a small spring (available at craft or hardware stores) inside an invitation card that you made or commercially-made invitation. Use stickers or pictures and stick them on inside the spring's top to create an appearance of a jack in the box after the envelope has been opened.

Royal Tidings

Make a declaration: "Hear ye, hear and hear! Join Julie's Castle in order to celebrate her birthday" and add the details of the party. Copy the photocopy onto parchment-like paper. make the shape of a scroll and tie it off with the royal blue ribbon.


These fun and engaging group-oriented games are guaranteed to please your audience.

Bag Pinatas Paper Bag Pinatas

Then, fill the bags up with cheap games or sweets. Inject through the bag to make "pinatas." Attach them to a string placed between two posts or trees , and allow each child to hit one, and then take home the prize without running.

All About Me

For kids aged 4-years-old and less, have them create the "all about me" book using drawings, handprints and an Polaroid photograph of the birthday party.

Puppet Fun

Make puppets with socks and Styrofoam balls. Decorate them with pipe cleaners, googly eyes, yarn and other crafting materials. (Make sure that children of all ages are watched because tiny beads and googly eyes are dangerous for choking.) The puppets can be later packed with snacks to make a great gift bag.

Hair Clips, and More

Buy beads, buttons and plain hair clips or cheap headbands. Make sure that your children glue the items on their headbands or clips (be certain to apply glue that is safe for children). Dry them and set in the time of cake and then give them the opportunity to decorate their hair with new accessories.

Mad Science

Set up some fun experimentation in science and serve Ice cream sodas which fizz when you mix green sherbet with ginger ale.

Snap-A-Photo Booth

Set up a photo booth in your own home. Invite your kids to dress up, put on funny makeup and create hairstyles. Photograph Polaroid photographs with three people in a small space, which is then separated by a curtain or shower curtain. One of the funniest things is the challenge of cramming three people in a small space.

Carnival Games

Throw the ball into the basket, choose the one with the winning number at the bottom of it, or strike the golf ball into the bucket using a kid's club. Each child will be given pennies to make them pay for games to give the carnival feel.

Table tops and Decors

Don't be limited to balloons. There are many different ways to brighten the home you live in by birthday celebrations.

Greater than Life

Adhere the color copies of the photo of your child on the tablecloth. Include colored paper triangles on the corners to resemble photo corners.


If you have kids, nothing beats getting a bag of toys home. Here's how to leave everyone with something unique and different.

Catch It All

A pail that has an twig fishing rod made of string or stick as well as gummy worms, some chocolate fish could all be wrapped up in cellophane, tissue or wax paper, and tied to the help of a ribbon.

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