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Travel as a Major Factor in Personal Development | PaperHelp Company Blog

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Have you ever wondered why you need to travel? Someone travels for new acquaintances, someone wants to lie by the sea and do nothing, and someone actively walks through new cities and streets from morning till night with a list of sights, someone studies culture, someone does the shopping. But if we combine all these goals, we realize that the main reason for traveling is to get new emotions and inspiration.

When you travel, you can get not only a revitalizing effect but something more, a complete reset of your worldview, change your way of thinking, habits, and even character. For the last 5 years, I visited more than 15 countries and 70 cities, made friends in different parts of the world, lived in other places, slept on the floor in a standard room in India and a luxury apartment in Dubai, changed thousands of thoughts, watching different people and cultures. And today I want to share papers writers' thoughts on why it is so valuable for travel, how to make a vacation was an impetus to self-development, what questions to answer yourself after a break.

Why is it so important to travel?

Travel helps you discover what was hidden behind the drabness of everyday life, expand your consciousness, and realize your dreams. Travel should become an integral part of everyone's life. You can make new acquaintances, new friends, and business partners on every trip. Thanks to travel, you grow and reach a new personal development level. 

The main benefit of travel is that when a person leaves his habitual environment, he loses those factors and their power that affect him daily.

While on vacation, he begins his life with a clean slate:

- wakes up and goes to bed at a different time

- eats differently.

- regularly updated with new information from brochures, excursions, conversations with strangers, learning a map, geography, and a different language.

- begins to enjoy the aesthetic beauty of architecture, nature, listens to new music.

Observe yourself when you find yourself in a new place. You're bound to notice that your thoughts flow differently. You are relaxed and think about things that are not what you used to believe in the hustle and bustle of weekdays. In the relaxation process, a person receives an invaluable experience that translates into opportunities for development in every area of his life. We think differently and let in a new image of ourselves.

They say you only need 3 things for happiness:

- love.

- interesting work

- opportunity to travel

And most often, due to lack of time, business problems, money issues, we put off traveling for later. And life in a mode "work-home" creates a vicious circle. On the one hand, we have no time to rest. On the other hand, the lack of rest makes it impossible to work well, get inspiration and make plans to achieve new victories. So it is urgent to get out of this circle. And it is not necessary to go abroad. Go out for a weekend somewhere out of town, change the picture before your eyes, disconnect from everyday thoughts and do a complete reset of his head.

And also, the sense of beauty that we get when we travel encourages us to work better and harder. And it's a proven fact. According to a Stanford University study, the sense of beauty motivates people to think about the well-being of all. The ability to admire, the desire to surround ourselves with beauty, aesthetics is directly related to our personal development and the evolution of humanity as a whole.

The role of travel in child development

Travel is significant for children because it is at an early age when the child's character is established when he is most inquisitive and learns from his parents. When traveling, the child gets acquainted with the world. He develops a tolerance for other peoples, cultures, races. And responsible parents understand this, so when planning a vacation, make it so that the child is directly involved. Agree. It is stupid to take a child with you on a long trip and give him there to a children's club with animators, where he will be entertained all day. Still, he will not get absolutely any information about the country where he is, will not get interaction with another culture, language, etc. If a child will coordinate a route plan with the parents, to choose from the proposed program what he would be more interesting to see, thus he develops responsibility for his choice, attention during excursions. Most likely, he will be interested in where he will go, learn geography, ask questions about the country. For him, such a trip will be conscious, memorable, and most valuable.

Top questions to answer after every trip

We begin to notice things that we did not see before during a vacation. We have new ideas, inspiration, and strength. How do we ensure that all these impressions do not disappear with the first day back to work and become the impetus for self-development when we return home?

After a vacation and a trip to another country, city, answer yourself the following questions:

1) What do you remember most from your trip to another city and country? What made the biggest impression on you?

2) What did you think about during the trip? What thoughts, ideas did you have?

3) What ideas would you like to implement at home in your life?

4) What did you learn about yourself? What experiences did you have?

5) What from everything you have seen and learned are you ready to make part of your life?

And most importantly, write it all down, analyze it, and conclude. Over time, you will notice that your thoughts have become more qualitative, you will better understand yourself and what you want. You will get rid of the influence of the imposed needs of society, mass media, and your habitual environment.

What can you learn from different countries?

Think in general about how you can use your experiences from traveling in your life, what you can learn from other cultures. For example, you can learn how to rest appropriately from the Spaniards and Greeks. Yes, you also have to know how to relax. Greeks have a rule not to talk about work during friendship meetings, during siesta, on weekends. If you call him outside working hours on business matters, even urgent, it would be considered bad form.

From the inhabitants of northern European countries, you can learn punctuality, precision, and discipline. If a German or a Dutchman appoints you for a meeting at 16:12, it means not at 10 or 15 minutes of the fifth, but precisely at 12 minutes. They are used to strictly planning their day and will be more friendly to you if you, in turn, respect their time, do not delay yourself, and do not delay them.

Learn languages. It will be a huge plus when communicating and interacting with people. It will solve any issue quickly and easily. If you do not have time for language courses at home, choose a type of vacation that allows you to combine business with pleasure. Today there are many camps for both children and adults, where you learn the language, communicate with native speakers and of course, the effect of this kind of learning will be many times faster.

And my last piece of advice would be to change the direction of travel. If you go once to Europe, the second time is better to go to Asia, Africa or Arab countries. This contrast will make you feel how exciting and multi-faceted our world is, how different we are in mentality, cultural traditions, and how we are all one in the desire for self-development, feelings of love, and kindness, mercy, etc.

I wish you travels with meaning and benefit to yourself! Be inspired and reach new heights!

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