What should you know about Period panties Hong Kong?

What should you know about Period panties Hong Kong?

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While there are many manufacturers to choose from, most of them use some kind of absorbent material like microfiber polyester that traps your blood flow. Period proof undies usually have a moisture barrier to keep you feeling dry and a layer to assist prevents leaking. Some manufacturers even apply an odor-controlling treatment.

Period Underwear normally holds somewhere between one and two tampons well worth of flow,

Are they sanitary?

Yes, as long as they’re washed properly. While you can hand wash them, Period Underwear can additionally go in the washer, using the mild or delicate cycle.

Make certain you wash your Period Underwear on their own and keep away from placing them in a load with different clothes and items. Avoid the use of any fabric sheets or material softener, too.

Who Should Use Period Underwear?

Anyone with a Period can use reusable Period panties Hong Kong. But it’s important that you understand what to expect if you’re now not used to free bleeding, which is a term used to describe when any individual menstruates without the use of tampons or different common Period products.

Period Underwear doesn’t end the flow of your Period blood. If you use it, you’ll experience the flow of menstruation, which can be unsettling for some humans at first.

Some women additionally use Period Underwear alongside other products, like tampons or menstrual cups, to add any other layer of protection. Some manufacturers come in different ranges of absorbency, so you can choose a pair that works fantastic for you on a particular day. Most pairs of Period Underwear are exceedingly absorbent. Our Period Panties Hong Kong are much like your regular underwear except when you’re menstruating. Our panties come in a variety of styles including super-absorbents, which are designed to soak up more blood flow than cotton pads would. They also come with odor-control features so you won’t smell like tampons anymore. Shop today only from Kiri.

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