Ij.start.cannon - Canon Printer Setup & Install

Ij.start.cannon - Canon Printer Setup & Install

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Canon printers are a separate class from the rest of the printers available in the market. The products are easy to use. Canon is very careful about the variety of its printers and fill them with tons of features that are useful in real life visit here : ij.start.cannon

Set up a Canon inkjet printer - ij.start cannon
Follow the most used and easiest steps to start setting up your Canon ij printer, see below;

At first, open your systems like a PC or laptop.
Second, connect your Canon inkjet printer to the system by cable or wireless (if you have a Canon wireless device)
Third, launch a web browser (default or any other) and enter ij.start.canon in the address search bar.
Press Enter and wait for the Canon website to open and show you the various steps.
Click the Configure icon and wait for a new window to ask you to request a model number.
Enter your Canon model number, press Enter, and install the installer.
Using a Wireless Connection on ij.start.canon
Switch on your printer with the PC.
In addition, turn on the modem to connect the printer to your machine using a wireless connection.
The idea is to connect your printer and your computer to the same network, so make sure your computer is connected to the same network as your printer.
Now on the control panel of your printer, appear for the setup choice.
Once the setup option is chosen, choose the wireless option to open the wireless setup wizard.
Clasp linking the options to find the option you are looking for.
Once you have chosen the wireless setup wizard, you need to search for accessible networks within range of your device.
Choose the network you want to attach from the list of results when searching for networks.
Next choose the network, go into the matching password for the network.
After entering the password, click the OK button to connect the device to the network.
Within seconds, you will see the printer connected to the same network as your computer.
Setting Up Canon IJ Printer With USB –
In case you can’t locate your Canon printer after reaching official sites or other, then you can use USB for setting up the Canon ij printer. Or you can also visit ij.start.canon for taking help;

Make sure you have a USB cable.
From the web browser, go to the ij.start.cannon site and choose setup network connection via USB.
Jump next and wait for the Canon software to connect your printer to PC with the help of a USB cable.
Hit Next and get the driver for your printer and check whether you want to connect the printer to a particular network.
Then tap YES and hit the Complete button and jump to Add printer option.
Tap Add and get a driver from https://ij.start-canon.com site.
Now, go to Device settings, then LAN settings, and choose the connection.
Install Canon drivers, inkjet cartridges, and check the connections for your device.
Configure the Canon printer and Try printing.

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hemsworth668 travel blog images

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