The history of a Paddle Board

The history of a Paddle Board

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But first let’s go way back to ancient history where the people of very cultures may have the been the world’s first true paddle boarders. In Peru, as far back as 3000 B.C., fisherman used an ancient watercraft they called Caballitos de Totora, [pic] made of reeds and highly unstable. The Peruvian fisherman used long bamboo shafts, similar to a paddle, to propel and guide the craft. If you believe the legends, the fisherman would surf the waves for fun after a hard day’s work. In ancient Africa, Warriors used spears as paddles on their canoes to silently sneak up on enemies. Somewhere between the 8th and 13th century AD, the Arab’s used their Hasake, a paddle board like vessel, to catch fish and later used by lifeguards. Clearly SUP has its mysterious, ancient roots, but where did paddle boarding change into what we know today?토토사이트 

we all know that having  fun in the sea is more fun if there are some activities , infacts lots of people think that the ocean or sea are there playground growing up even tyhey are grown up . thats how are PADDLE BOARD existed , its became popular all over the world. and in different event wirh a different divition and categories of competition.

 the oldest SUP surfer in the world, and the oldest regular surfer in Waikiki. John still goes out stand up surfing in Waikiki a few times a week, and is an icon to the modern-day surfers and watermen. He keeps his board in one of the racks on the beach in Waikiki where he has for 60 years. With the help of younger surfers who carry his board down to the water, he paddles out today as he always has, quite at home in the waves.

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richardthomashhh travel blog images

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