Poor countries are stuck between poverty and climate disasters.

Poor countries are stuck between poverty and climate disasters.

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Rich countries are struggling to cut emissions fast enough. It's much more difficult for developing countries. where most of the slot world's population lives.Nigeria just discovered it by accident. While the energy department is searching for oil underground met with unexpected natural gas reserves lots of it More than 200 trillion cubic feet of gas was found. and thinks it can quantify three times if it looks solid enough.

That puts Nigeria in an awkward position. as a signatory to the Paris Agreement The company is committed to getting 36% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2030, up from 13% in 2015. But the energy and convenient income from these newly discovered gas reserves is more valuable to developing countries. 40% of the 208 million Nigerians do not have electricity on a regular basis.

This is common to most developing countries. In the 2015 Paris Agreement, most countries in the world committed to reducing emissions to prevent global temperatures from rising 1.5C above pre-industrial levels. But few countries illuminate a clear path to get there. With the UN's COP26 meeting on climate change in Glasgow on Sunday, There is growing pressure from governments around the world to do more. whether rich or poor

The expectation that less developed countries should control carbon at the same rate as rich countries has made some experts unrealistic and unjustified. Wealthy countries are responsible for most of the emissions.The developing world is at a difficult point. Between Poverty and Climate Disasters Poorer countries have a greater need for increased energy production and fewer emissions reduction tools. But they are more likely to be affected by human-caused climate change.Countries like the US, UK and Germany are struggling to lower carbon emissions fast enough despite extensive financial resources, swathes of talented engineers, and stable governments

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