8 Mindfulness Self-Care Practices for COVID-19

8 Mindfulness Self-Care Practices for COVID-19

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The globe is currently in a state of upheaval due to the worldwide fear of the coronavirus (COVID-19). If you're feeling anxious or overwhelmed by it all, be assured that you're not alone. However, it's critical to be kind with yourself and schedule time for self-care.

◉ Maintain an active lifestyle.

It's common knowledge that exercise is beneficial to both our physical and emotional wellbeing. Thanks to YouTube and apps, you can practice various activities from the comfort of your own home. We've included a few free ones below (please share your recommendations on the ReachOut Forums), but you may do whatever works best for you.

Yoga with Adrienne has over six million subscribers and is a popular yoga channel. She's eccentric and down-to-earth, and she teaches yoga courses that range from five minutes to an hour.

Nike Training Club can help you keep active during this period by providing a variety of free at-home workouts. It also includes professional wellness and dietary advice.

The app Seven 7 Minute Workout is a great way to get in a quick workout (iOS and Android). These seven-minute exercises are based on scientific research and are designed to provide you the most benefit in the least amount of time. You can also connect with pals via the app to support (or, let's face it, compete!) each other - it's a fantastic way to remain in touch. If you participate in sports and your games or training sessions have been cancelled, you might want to consider using this app to connect with your teammates.

These are only three suggestions; do what works best for you. If you have access to the outdoors, go for a stroll or run while taking in the sights.

To be Zen, count to ten.

When we're worried about anything (like the coronavirus), our minds tend to race. Practicing mindfulness for 10 minutes or so might help you feel more relaxed. Whether you're unsure what mindfulness is, find out more about it and see if it's right for you.

Here are some mindfulness applications that are free to try:

Over 25,000 free guided meditations, ranging from 1 to 90 minutes, are available on Insight Timer. Try looking for information on a topic that interests you (e.g., stress, learning to meditate, sleep).

If you don't want to be overwhelmed by options, Smiling Mind could be a decent alternative. Mindful Foundations, Sleep, Relationships, and other organized programs organize the meditations.

If meditation isn't for you, try completing a daily activity mindfully - that is, putting aside distractions and focusing entirely on one tiny job, pay attention to your senses when drinking a cup of tea, for example (the fragrance of the tea, the warmth of the cup in your palm, the flavour).

◉ Talk to your pals.

Even if a face-to-face meeting isn't possible, try to keep in touch with your friends via text, Messenger, WhatsApp, FaceTime, or (gasp!) a phone call. Inquire about their feelings and, if you're comfortable doing so, share your own.

Check read our post on how to talk to someone you can trust in 5 easy steps. You could even establish a group chat in which everyone shares one positive event from their day.

◉ Make dinner from scratch.

Good nutrition is always vital, but nothing beats a good, nutritious cooked dinner – especially if you created it yourself – during stressful times. For more information, see our article on how to make healthy eating choices. You may also look through Taste's easy recipes area or ask a friend or family member for their favourite dish.

Some components may be challenging to come by for many folks right now. It's also OK to keep things simple if you're running low on supplies or can't obtain specific items. You may also be creative with replacements or look for ideas by searching for '[ingredient] substitute' on Google.

◉ Get away from the news for a while.

Thanks to the news and social media, we're all getting a lot of coronavirus updates right now. It's critical to keep informed, but try to restrict your media consumption to a few times each day and stick to reputable news sources. If you find yourself going to social media because you're feeling lonely, take a break and do something else, like the activities we've listed below.

◉ Make a playlist of songs.

We can feel so much better when we listen to music. Make a playlist with your favourite music on Spotify. You might create a group playlist and invite your friends to contribute five songs each. You may build numerous playlists for different moods/vibes if you want to get fancy (e.g., rainy day, feeling happy, etc.).

◉ Five minutes of DE cluttering

If you're suddenly spending a lot more time at home, having a comfortable atmosphere might assist. Rather than going full Marie Kondo and trying to clean your entire home in one day, consider DE cluttering for five minutes every day. Choose a shelf, to begin with, or gather five items and find a home for them.

◉ Watch something encouraging 

Distraction can be beneficial. Allow yourself to zone away from what's going on in the world by watching something uplifting. On Netflix, there's The Good Place and Brooklyn 99, and on Stan, there's The Bold Type and Family Guy.

YouTube is also a good choice, and we've compiled a list of different calming videos that will undoubtedly help you relax. If you like to read, go to your bookshelf and pick an old favourite or something you've meant to read for a long, or e-books are a fantastic alternative if you don't have physical books.

◉ Find out something new.

Have you ever wanted to learn to draw or play an instrument? Now is a perfect moment to get started. There is free language learning software that you can use to learn a new language on your computer or phone. YouTube provides excellent free online tutorials for almost anything; students can also take help online essay writing service providers to learn a language.


Mindfulness-based techniques appear to be well-suited to dealing with the problems posed by unanticipated uncertainty, change, and loss, which might manifest in various ways in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. Mindfulness as a way of being epitomizes this attitude to life.

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