Use signal jammers just don’t want to be disturbed by others

Use signal jammers just don’t want to be disturbed by others

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The school installed mobile cell phone jammer in the dormitory. This is an act of internal control, which is good. Most mobile phones nowadays are smart phones. Many students get up all night to play with mobile phones. The spirit of the course on the second day is very lacking, which affects learning. After installing the mobile jammer, students will not stay up late and feel better the next day. Today, almost every student in school has his own mobile phone. To make matters worse, mobile phones have become the "weapon" of many students' teachers. The conversation found that most students use mobile phones to surf the Internet. Many students tend to listen to music and play video games in the classroom. Usually, when talking in class, the phone rings suddenly and distracts. To make matters worse, some students use mobile phones to help cheat on exams. According to reports, a new phenomenon of "cyber bullying" refers to students using text messages and social networks to torture others electronically during class.

In addition to basketball, what makes me happier than sports is that I can watch movies in the cinema. This was a rare hour and a half, which allowed me to stay away from the real world and immerse myself in the fantasy of others. Using mobile phones in the theater can be distracting. Like a drunk sports game fan, it will be distracting. Take a closer look, the phone ringing nearby suddenly interrupted your thoughts, it was terrible. If you are participating in an emergency meeting and do not want to add unnecessary calls or messages during important meetings, you can use the signal interference technology of your mobile phone. Using 3G/4G signal jammer, this technology allows people to avoid calling and texting without turning off their phones. After enabling this technology, the signal from the base station will be directly shielded, and you will not be able to communicate with others through your mobile phone.

The history of the first interfering devices is a few years ago, as long as their functions are used by some companies, such as interference. With the rapid development of science and technology, various functional interference devices have been developed. With the improvement of product quality, application areas are expanding to hospitals, prisons, airports, libraries, examination centers and other industries. Millions of state governments, public security agencies, entertainment facilities, hospitals, airports, stations, bus stations, etc. are all very promising markets for 3G/4G phone wifi jammer. Now the major types of exams in the country: take their own exams like adults, national exams, civil service exams, etc., in order to prevent students from using high-tech cheating, apply for WiFi signal jammers in the exam room. Students' advanced skills open the way, continuous signal interference, you can Make the exam more fair and just.

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alexytony travel blog images

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