Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men and Its Solution

Causes of Erectile Dysfunction in Young Men and Its Solution

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To understand how to solve a problem, one must first identify the causes of such problem. This is the same with the problem of erectile dysfunction that torment a large number of men in the world today.

So, what are the major causes of erectile dysfunction in younger men?

A huge factor that determines the answer to this question is how old the man is. For relatively younger men, the causes of erectile dysfunction are more psychological than physical. It is widely observed that men below the age of 40-45 experience erectile dysfunction due to performance anxiety.

Such men feel self-conscious about themselves and worry about satisfying their spouses, or whether they would be able to get an erection in the first place. When such thoughts are at the center of the mind, it may become difficult to achieve an erection.

You may, however, wonder why this is possible being as an erection is the result of blood flowing to the spongy tissues lining the penis, making them taut and much longer than ordinary. Does performance anxiety, then, have anything to do with blood flow? The answer is a strict yes. It must be realized that the brain is at the very heart of almost every activity the body performs. When a man is sexually excited or aroused, the signal for the tissues to dilate and for blood to rush towards the penis comes from the brain. Negative and pessimistic thoughts, perhaps about whether your penis is long enough to impress your spouse, are capable of blocking off these signals coming from the brain, so that an erection does not occur at all.

Now, one must not be quick to jump to conclusions and interpret every case of performance anxiety as erectile dysfunction, especially when it is happening for the first time. I mean, depending on whom you're having sex and on your physical and mental state, it is quite natural to have performance anxiety once in a while. The problem is when it occurs frequently, when it is embedded in the memory and cannot be shaken away. It becomes then, a psychological issue.

In older men, the major causes of erectile dysfunction are more medical and physiological than psychological. Illnesses like diabetes, prolonged use of prescription drugs, arteriosclerosis, complications from surgeries around the pelvic areas, are widely diagnosed factors responsible for erectile dysfunction in older men. The key, therefore, to finding a permanent solution to male impotence problems is to correctly identify the causative agents in the first place.

Treatment for erectile dysfunction

1. There are some instances where mere changes in lifestyles, like shedding excess weight, consumption of little amount of alcoholic drinks, stopping smoking, will help your erectile dysfunction problems. If the problem of your erectile dysfunction is happening as a result of a peculiar type of drugs, your medical practitioner will recommend lowering the amount of the dose or offer a different drug. Some type of blood pressure drugs, sedatives, allergy medications, ulcer medications, antidepressants will make it very difficult for you to gain an erection that will be hard enough for lovemaking.

A lot of men who have male impotence will not be able to get rid of it just by making simple lifestyle changes. They require additional treatment for solving this problem. A few of the different types of treatment methods available for male impotence are:

2. Vacuum pumps

3. One-on-one counseling (it is for men whose male impotence is linked to psychological problems)

4. Surgery

5. ED Medications. Drugs like Cenforce 150 and Cenforce 100 will help men having problem with male impotence. These drugs should be taken under the prescription of a doctor.

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