The Royal splendor of Madrid

The Royal splendor of Madrid

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The cultural and historical baggage of Paris and Athens pales before the grandiose number of sights of Madrid, carefully collected here by the Spaniards since 932, in the very center of the Iberian Peninsula. Although people settled in the foothills of the Sierra de Guadarrama already at the end of the Paleolithic, as a city, the current capital of Spain took shape only in the X century, and then as a serving village around the fortress of Magirit, designed to defend Toledo from the territorial machinations of the Lyon and Castilian kings. So for five centuries Madrid was only a fortification satellite under the brilliant capital of the Emirate of Cordoba – Toledo, and only then became tourism the first, in all respects, city of the Spanish Kingdom!

Easy start of the Madrid tour

Tours to Madrid begin with arrival at Barajas International Airport. The modern port, the receiver of air transport, is located outside the city limits, but it is only 13 km away from the center of the capital. With the center and key areas of the city, Barajas is connected by a metro line, trains and a round-the-clock bus.

All distances in the Spanish Kingdom are counted from the Puerta del Sol square. Terribly romantic, it is impossible not to mention directly, the translation of her name sounds – Sunny Gate. Imagine how the guards of the city gates, in canary-yellow doublets, opened them early in the morning, letting the first guests of Madrid – the rays of the heavenly body. Even the shape of the area is non-standard, but elliptical, repeating the orbit of our star.

By the way, the metro line was stretched right here, on the Puerta del Sol, and its first station was opened. In addition, the so-called zero kilometer is marked on the paving stones of the square, from which the entire mileage in the country is counted. The government of the local autonomous community works here, there is a medieval post office, a secret police building organized by Franco Baamonde, and a barely fitting armada of the Academy of Arts building.

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