What is Mortgage Life Insurance?

What is Mortgage Life Insurance?

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Essentially, mortgage life insurance is a type of life insurance designed to protect a person's mortgage. It pays out a specific amount of capital to repay an outstanding mortgage. However, it has a maximum limit on the amount of the mortgage balance that can be insured. In addition, the amount of the payout will diminish over time.

Pays off your mortgage
Whether you've fallen behind on your mortgage or are preparing for the death of a loved one, mortgage life insurance is a valuable way to protect your family. A mortgage protection insurance policy will pay off the balance of your mortgage when you die.

This type of insurance is typically sold through banks and other financial institutions. You may also find it offered as a bundled benefit with your mortgage. It's a great way to protect your family and your home.

You can buy a standard term life insurance policy for mortgage protection. The benefit amount will match your mortgage and provide cash to your beneficiaries.

Term life insurance policies are cheaper than permanent policies, but offer more flexibility and higher coverage. They also give you more control over how your policy is used.

Provides near-universal coverage with minimal underwriting
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