Five Travel Nurse Staffing Agent Tips

Five Travel Nurse Staffing Agent Tips

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Additional information for potential housing for travel nurses is provided below.

1. Review the Agreement.

Contracts for traveling nurses often last for three months. Although some hospitals provide lengthier contracts based on need, many have 8-week contracts to complete for maternity leave cover.

A nurse might reach out to the clinical team at their staffing agency for assistance if they discover that the hospital is not living up to the contract's stated expectations. Most agencies will understand if you need to get out of your contract early due to a personal emergency like illness or death.

2. Know who's giving you money.

Most of the time, the agency that found you the job pays you. The hospital doesn't pay any taxes or insurance. The travel company handles all billing.

Wilder says, "Everything is taken care of by us." "Even liability insurance is taken care of."

3. Ask if there are other benefits.

Each travel nurse staffing agency has a unique set of options. Most provide non-taxable housing stipends and compensation for travel expenses. While working as a travel nurse, specific organizations like Medical Solutions will pay for your ongoing education, certification, and license renewal costs.

4. Be careful.

The staffing company is familiar with all the best and most secure accommodation options in the locations where they dispatch travel nurses. However, if nurses opt to arrange their own homes, they can still use the travel agencies' housing divisions to locate beneficial and desirable properties.

5. Be friendly and open to new things.

Keep your lines of communication open with those you are working with. Try to unite the traveling nurses, he advises, and get out and about as much as possible. Most nurses work three 12-hour shifts, so you have time to explore the neighborhood. Don't just give your full attention to your work.

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