Increase Energy Levels | Cancer Coach for South Carolina

Increase Energy Levels | Cancer Coach for South Carolina

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Your body is in a fight to stave off a serious invader when it comes to cancer. Your body is a machine, and it interacts differently with all internal and external invaders. During cancer your body is spending a lot of energy fighting cancer to save itself, thus making you tired.  You may experience fatigue if cancer treatments damage healthy cells in addition to cancer cells which is common with chemotherapy. Some side effects of treatments include anemia, nausea, pain, and changes in mood, all of which lower your energy levels. Emotions, lack of sleep, poor nutrition, and hormonal changes are other effects on energy levels. When I did chemo, I was drained, I remember just sitting on the couch with no energy to do anything sometimes. It scared my wife and son as I was always a very energetic person and always up for an adventure. I found ways to get myself off of the couch and back into the grove of life. Now just to be clear I did not get out and run marathons, but I was able to get my energy back to do things with the family. Each person is different in their energy levels and what they want to be able to do, also there are many factors to energy with cancer. What type of cancer you have, which treatment regimen you chose, and your lifestyle. I will work with you to customize solutions that help you regain your energy and get back to building a healthier lifestyle.

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yournhc travel blog images

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