Satellite Data Services Market Research Report

Satellite Data Services Market Research Report

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Global Satellite Data Services Market
The GMI Research predicts that the Satellite Data Services Market will perceive a surge in demand over the forecast period. This is mainly because of the augmenting endorsement of machine learning and artificial intelligence across the space sector and the growing development of connected vehicles and smart cities.

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Introduction of the Satellite Data Services Market
Satellite data refers to the information about Earth and other planets collected by satellites made by humans in their orbits. It helps to provide data concerned with the changes in weather and surface on the Earth. Distant sensing technologies are engendering satellite data.  

Key Players of Market:
·         Digitalglobe, Inc

·         Airbus Se

·         Gisat S.R.O.

·         Harris Geospatial Solutions, Inc.

·         Satellite Imaging Corporation

·         Planet Labs, Inc.

·         Satpalda Geospatial Services

·         Ursa Space Systems

·         Geospatial Intelligence Pyt. Ltd.

·         Land Info Worldwide Mapping

·         Earth-i Ltd.

·         Imagesat International (ISI)

Satellite Data Services Market Dynamics
The factors impelling the growth of the global satellite data services market include the augmenting modernizations in geographical imagery analytics and increasing integration of machine learning (ML), artificial intelligence (AI), and big data. Also, accelerating the seepage of technology such as data analytics and the internet of things to recuperate data and surging requirements to comprehend the influence of the environment are further strengthening the market size. Furthermore, the privatization of the space sector and expansion of cloud computing will impel market growth. Besides this, the soaring demand for satellite data among organizations to certify their market cutthroat and execution of 4D GIS software with satellite data has paved the way for market growth. On the other hand, the rigorous norms for the application of satellites and the inadequacy of consigned vehicles for small satellites will restrain the satellite data services market size.

Service Segment Drivers
Based on the service, data analytics is predicted to witness an upward trend because of the aggravating usage of satellite images to administer crops, flooding, and coastal traffic. Moreover, the according to the global satellite data services market research report, mounting demand for high precision color images to extricate features raised the need for orthorectification services for different industries, and land cover & change identification techniques are proliferating the market growth.

Vertical Segment Drivers
According to the global satellite data services market forecast, based on the vertical, environmental is projected to maintain its dominance over the forecast period. This is because of the growing government investments and private organizations to cease global warming. Moreover, satellite data is required to interpret the turnkey project's influence on the environment, minimize carbon levels from the environment, and raise effectiveness.

Satellite Data Services Market Segmentation:
Segmentation by Service
·         Image Data

o   Spatial

o   Very High Resolution

o   High Resolution

o   Medium-Low Resolution

o   Spectral

o   Temporal

o   Radiometric

·         Data Analytics

o   Image Data Processing

o   Pan-Sharpening

o   Orthorectification

o   Mosaicking

o   Cloud Patching

o   Feature Extraction

o   Digital Models

o   Digital Terrain Models (DTM)

o   Digital Surface Models (DSM)

o   Digital Elevation Models (DEM)

o   Classification

o   Object Classification or Identification

o   Land Cover and Change Detection

Segmentation by End-Use
·         Government & Military

o   National Space Agencies

o   Departments of Defense

o   National Security Agencies

o   Academic and Research Institutions

o   Departments of Environment & Agriculture

o   National Mapping & Topographic Agencies

o   Others

·         Commercial

o   Geological Companies

o   Mapping and Cartographic Companies

o   Mining, Oil, and Gas Companies

o   Transport, Construction, and Infrastructure Companies

o   Satellite Operators/Owners

o   Media and Entertainment

o   Others

Segmentation by Vertical
·         Energy & Power

o   Mining and Mineral Exploration

o   Oil and Gas Operation

o   Pipeline and Transmission Survey

·         Engineering & Infrastructure

o   3D Urban and Terrain Modelling (DTM)

o   Airport Mapping

o   Land & Urban Management

·         Defense & Security

o   Maritime and Land Surveillance Activities

o   Critical Infrastructure Protection

o   Crime Mapping

o   Monitoring of Airfields

·         Environmental

o   Global Climate Change

o   Land Cover and Change Detection

o   Air & Water Pollution

o   Natural Disasters

o   Natural Hazards

·         Agriculture

o   Crop Type Identification

o   Precision Farming

·         Maritime

o   Ports & Harbors Monitoring

o   Coastal Management (Survey Waters, Detect Vessels, Track Activities)

·         Forestry

·         Transportation & Logistics

·         Insurance

o   Flood Monitoring

o   Property Damage Estimation

Segmentation by Region:
·         Europe

o   United Kingdom

o   Germany

o   France

o   Spain

o   Rest of Europe

·         Asia Pacific

o   China

o   Japan

o   India

o   Rest of APAC

·         North America

o   United States of America

o   Canada

·         RoW

o   UAE

o   Brazil

o   South Africa

o   Saudi Arabia

About GMI Research

The market research and consulting organisation proffers business knowledge and market research reports to help the clients apprehend the influence market share, drivers, size, growth opportunities, and other dynamics. Our team of seasoned experts carry out market studies to certify pertinent research across sectors such as Technology, FMCG, Energy, and Healthcare. Our main focus is to keep our clients abridged of the emerging opportunities and challenges in a wide range of industries. The team offer comprehensive solution to acknowledge clients through consulting services to accomplish a actionable decision.

Media Contact
Company Name: GMI RESEARCH
Contact Person: Sarah Nash
Phone: Europe – +353 1 442 8820; US – +1 860 881 2270
Address: Dublin, Ireland


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