Most Expensive Cars You Can Rent In Dubai

Most Expensive Cars You Can Rent In Dubai

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Dubai is home to luxurious cars, tourist places, and business opportunities. Therefore, millions of people visit this city, again and again, to collect unforgettable memories with their loved ones or business partners. Most tourists and entrepreneurs prefer to ride in luxury cars because of their incredible speed and power to make traveling fast and comfortable. 

Luxury cars are too expensive to buy and manage their maintenance charges. Therefore, luxury cars such as Bugatti, Range Rover, Ferrari, and Rolls Royce renting services are the ultimate choice of tourists and even successful entrepreneurs to experience a comfortable ride without spending a bank of money. However, the rental charges for luxury cars are also higher than for casual cars. 

Various luxury car rental services are working in Dubai and other states of the world. They provide a huge collection of luxury cars at different rates according to the model, quality, and ranking of the vehicle. Charges for rental cars also depend on the demand of the car, for example per day rent for Audi W8 and Audi R8 is 1700 AED & 2300 AED respectively. 

Selection of a luxurious car to rent is a tough task, but one can easily achieve this task by considering their budget and renting the charges of their dream car. To give the audience an idea of the most expensive rental cars, their features, and renting charges, we listed here the most expensive cars available for rent in Dubai. 

Ferrari F8 
Ferrari, the dream car of almost all car riders on the planet. Its unique shape, amazing features, and unbeaten speed help it rank first among the most demanding luxury cars in the world. It is also one of the most expensive luxury cars. Its heavy engine, rear seat option, comfortable spacing, extra luggage room, and safety features help it to challenge the world-famous luxury cars. 

Luxury car rentals in Dubai provide this luxury car at 5000 AED for one day with free home delivery, insurance policy, and other exciting offers.  But make sure to choose a credible platform to avoid any troubles or waste of money. 

BMW M850 
When it comes to luxury and grace together, BMW is the ultimate choice for luxury car lovers, especially the high-class business community. The reason is that it provides outstanding performance, incredible speed, and a comfortable ride with the perfect blend of shine and glamor. The price of this stunning car is extremely high which is not affordable even for some top-class business owners also. 

Thanks to renting car services which provide this luxury car for 3000 AED per day. 

Audi R8 Spyder Convertible 
The Audi R8 Spyder convertible is one of the most popular luxury cars in Dubai because it provides a perfect blend of style and comfort to satisfy the beauty-seeking nature of luxury car lovers. Its unique shape and advanced features help it to stand out in the competition. The availability of the V10 engine helps it to show extreme horsepower and cover long distances without affecting the comfort level. 

Its seven-speed conversion mode helped it to compete with the best speed beasts Bugatti, and Ferrari. Therefore,  its rental charges are quite high and you must have 5000-6000 AED to rent this marvelous piece of art for one day only. But believe me, its outstanding performance, amazing beauty, and comfort will never disappoint you. 

Range Rover Vogue
Range Rover vogue is the most stylish and wide-spacing vehicle among the best luxury cars. And it is known for being the best luxury car to enjoy the off-road experience, long-distance traveling, and tackle harsh weather. Along with high-class speed, incredible road clarity or smoothness, and comfort it also provides a perfect combo of entertaining features. Its huge size, wide spacing, and rear driving seat make it the best car for family and friends excursions. And riders can enjoy an HD screen, LED lights, an advanced sound system, or connectivity options. 

Renting a Range Rover Vogue for one day costs you approximately 3000 AED. The rental charges are high, but it completely satisfies your investment. Choose a credible platforms and rent this dream car with just a single click now. 

Bottom Line 
All the above-mentioned cars are quite expansive but extremely luxurious and a true exhibition of advanced technology with a blend of mesmerizing art. If you are lucky enough to not consider your budget for renting a car, choose any one of them and enjoy the height of thrill and adventure with safety and comfort. 

You can use a credible rental car app such as One Click Drive to select and order any car from the comfort of your home. And get your dream car at your doorstep without paying delivery charges.

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