How to store and store the popularized physical dolls?

How to store and store the popularized physical dolls?

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The editor finds a headache for many people, that is, how to set up adult sex dolls after they buy them or play with them on a daily basis? I believe this problem will be solved after reading the guide below.

Lie flat

It’s also learned to lay a doll on its back. You can’t lie on a hard surface. Whether it’s on a bed, in a storage box, or even on the floor, you must lay a layer of cushions for the doll underneath. It can be a quilt, a pillow, or collapse. Cloth can be! Without this layer of protection, the back part of the doll may collapse forever. Especially for baby friends who buy TPE sex dolls, it is very difficult to recover after the TPE material is sunken.

It is recommended that baby friends who use the method of laying flat can buy products made of memory foam as cushions, which are sold in major shopping malls or bedding stores. If you feel that this is not necessary, there is another strategy, which is in the animation A pillow is placed on both sides of the waist and calf of the sex doll, so that the doll can maintain the natural curvature of the human body when lying flat, so that the whole body shape of the doll will always maintain a good shape.


Hanging is the most recommended storage method, because the Chinese love doll is equivalent to hanging in the air, and its own weight will not overwhelm any side. If there is a wardrobe, hanger or other shelf with good load-bearing in the home, hanging is a good way Choose, it is worth noting that different brands of dolls have different hanging methods, it is recommended to consult the store before buying to avoid damage. If you don’t have the above conditions, you can buy a pulley hanger to place it. It is available on all major e-commerce platforms, and the price ranges from tens to hundreds of yuan. It is particularly important to choose a quality-qualified one to prevent the rope from breaking when the doll is hanging.


The least recommended storage method: standing!

Some friends try to save trouble and let the doll stand and lean on the wall directly. This is a wrong way to store it! I would like to remind everyone that most of the dolls purchased do not support standing, even some high-end brands of Milf sex dolls are the same. Manufacturers will especially emphasize that they can only stand for a short time. Because the doll made of TPE is very soft, all the weight is concentrated on the sole of the foot when it is standing, which will easily cause the sole of the foot to tear, and even see the metal skeleton outside the sole of the foot, so avoid long-term dolls Stand, or the bottom of its feet will be torn and the money will be spent in vain, and the doll will be incomplete.

Sitting posture

It seems safe to let the doll sit on the sofa, but in fact it is not. Just like the torn sole of the foot caused by the standing posture, the sitting posture will also concentrate the weight on the hips and cause cracks near the hip bones. If you want to stay sitting, it is recommended to sit Change a posture after 1-2 days, such as lying flat or hanging.

The above is the knowledge about doll storage and placement, have you learned it?

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