Russia Jamming US Reconnaissance UAV in Syrian Conflict

Russia Jamming US Reconnaissance UAV in Syrian Conflict

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Small commercial UAVs have been used to monitor territory, especially at night with the help of thermal imagers. The request for comment to Sheraton Hotel, Motel 6, was not answered. It is a WiFi alliance purported to solve the problem of WiFi congestion for the International Association of Site Managers and the American Gaming Association. They were also weaponized to throw explosives at their targets, a tactic previously used by the Islamic State and other terrorist organizations in the Middle East. To get to the point, jammers have become a very popular tool among Mexican drug trafficking groups. The policy of the hotel under our management prohibits shielding under any circumstances, and the shielding function in the network has been disabled. For this article, Marriott spokesman shared the following statement with great caution: as we stated, we will not block the wifi blocker of any hotel under our management for any reason.
These uses are illegal, but as we know, motivated criminals are unlikely to reconsider the law and FCC regulations. Therefore, some people saw that cartel members wore portable signal jammers, which would interfere with nearby UAV uplink and cellular and radio communications. It is reported that the Russians used this technology to interfere with the US low altitude surveillance drones in the 2018 Syrian conflict; It is unclear whether this caused them to crash or deviate from orbit. To reiterate, Marriott will not block WiFi signals. Unfortunately, these signals are vulnerable to another type of wireless device: a signal jammer. The traffic information mentions the use of radio link communication and the call sign "934 Dalniy" (934 Remote), which may imply the use of modern Russian R-934UM AJS. The information transmitted during the radio communication session includes the SIGINT result, that is, the detected frequency, the rated power of the transmitter, the direction of the radio transmission source, and the type of data transmission. When we go to new places, we rely on GPS to guide us.

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Like most wireless technologies, WiFi is not 100% reliable. Sometimes people may think that any hotel's WiFi connection problem (whether it belongs to our hotel or not) is caused by hotel congestion. It was also reported that Russia used powerful jammers on its eastern border, which led to the interruption of Latvia's telephone system and the loss of gps blocker of aircraft in the region. Bruce Hoffmeister, the chief information officer of Marriott, communicated on the issue of WiFi shielding through a prefabricated press statement. They seem to go hand in hand with another technology used by cartels: aerial drones. LoJack or wireless AirTags can locate stolen or misplaced items. The system is deployed in the occupied territory of Ukraine.
According to the analysis of the operation of this mobile SIGINT/EW system, it can be concluded that the stations are constantly changing their positions and the operation time of a place is not more than 5-7 days. Signal jammers are still widely used as part of Electronic Warfare (EW), especially in the Russian military. At this point, you may think, "I am not a high-value military target, nor a part of the war drug trafficking group, so I should not have any reason to care about signal jammers. Wireless signal jammers have many other possible applications, from secretly blocking mobile phone calls to disabling GPS tracking devices.

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They include communication sessions between mobile signal jammer intelligence (SIGINT) and electronic warfare (EW) stations, as part of the combined interface SIGINT/EW system, and a command post. On a larger scale, many of our military and civilian infrastructures rely on wireless communications. They can affect your daily life in many ways - Tiny Transmitters, an old monitoring equipment manufacturer, has released some dramatic demonstrations on Instagram to prove this. Signal jammers are cheap, easy to use, and easily available online to those who know where to look.

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