How to activate McAfee with serial number?

How to activate McAfee with serial number?

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The antivirus program I Mcafee secures your computer against viruses, malware, and other internet risks. Make sure your device satisfies all system requirements before you start the process. This will aid in preventing mistakes in the future. You can then begin downloading and installing McAfee antivirus on your computer. The activation step follows the downloading and installation phases. Visit the McAfee website if you're having trouble downloading and installing the antivirus software on your computer. Later, you must adhere to the instructions provided below for

How You Can Download McAfee Antivirus?
After you create your Mcafee Account, then you should login to the webpage and then download McAfee product.

·         .First of all, you need to open the browser on your gadget.

·         After this, you should enter the 25 digit activation key into each section.

·         Then, you have to tap on the Login button and type all the information.

·         Now, you have to press the Download tab.

·         At this point, you should download the setup on your device by clicking on the “Send download link” option.

·         At last, follow the on-screen instructions and just wait for the download process to complete.

How You Can Install McAfee Antivirus?
·         First, you should search for the downloaded Mcafee setup file which is located in the Downloads folder.

·         After this, you should right-click on the downloaded folder in order to launch the installation link.

·         If you want to allow the device to make changes and then click on the Yes tab.

·         Then, you need to hit on the Install option.

·         At last, you should wait for the procedure to finish.

What is the Method to Create McAfee Account?
·         First, you have to open the web browsing app on your computer system.

·         After this, navigate to the official website of McAfee antivirus through activates.

·         Then, you need to hit on the Enter key.

·         Now, you should click on the “Sign-Up” button or hit on “Create an Account” option.

·         At this point, you should input your email address and password.

·         Here, you should fill all the information which is required to fill the McAfee web page.

·         After that, you should press the Register Now button.

·         At last, read the license agreement details and hit on the Agree button to move further.

Where to Find McAfee Activation Keycode?
McAfee Activation product keycode is the unique 25 digit alphanumeric keycode. If the user has purchased the product online, then the product key will be sent to you by McAfee on your registered email ID. But if you have purchased the product offline, then the keycode will be available on the McAfee retail card.

Enter Mcafee activate 25 digit code
On the retail card that you just purchased, there must be a 25 digit activation code present on it. Simply type in that 25 digit activation code in the necessary field.

Next you need to enter an e-mail address to register with your McAfee account if you are making a new one. In case you already have a registered account with McAfee you simply have to type in the e-mail address associated with your existing account. To complete the activation process, click on the Next button which will redirect you to a new page prompting you to initiate the download process for the McAfee Anti-virus application. From there just follow further prompts or instructions.

How to Renew Your McAfee Subscription?
·         To renew, you have to go to

·         Then, you have to hover over your mouse to ‘My Account’.

·         After this, you should tap on the ‘Sign In’ option from the list.

·         Here, you have to input the login details like username and password.

·         Next, you need to press the ‘Login’ button when you enter the login details.

·         At this point, you have to navigate to ‘My Account’ option.

·         Then, you need to select ‘Subscriptions’.

·         Now, click on the ‘Renew’ button for the specific service.

·         Just follow the instructions on the screen for the renewal.

·         When they asked, you need to enter the billing information in the given space.

·         At the end, you will get the confirmation message or the email of renewal.

How to Activate McAfee Antivirus with Retail Card?
If you have Already Bought the McAfee antivirus then you can activate it in just a few simple and quick steps. Make sure you have the 25-digit activation retail card or check the mail for the activation code if you have purchased it online.

Note- you can use a phone and computer device to activate McAfee software but we suggest you activate the product on a computer and later download it on other devices.

Let’s Go and activate McAfee antivirus Protection –
·         Open Your web browser and at the top of the browser Type

·         Enter Your 25 Digit Activation Code and Submit.

·         Please Create a McAfee Account In the next Step. Sign Up with Your email

·         McAfee Account will help you to install and Manage Your McAfee Antivirus Services.

·         Now You Can Install Your McAfee antivirus protection

·         For Best Installation make sure You Remove any other Antivirus Program from your Computer.

·         After Installing Your McAfee antivirus Please Restart Your Computer.

·         Please run a full McAfee Antivirus Scan and Check for Viruses.

If you have purchased McAfee antivirus for multiple devices then please login to your McAfee account using the particular device and download the product.

Once the product has been downloaded Please run the program to open it and agree to the user agreement. Follow the onscreen instruction to setup McAfee antivirus.

How to Verify if your Subscription has Renewed or not
·         From your web browser, you have to navigate to the home page of McAfee.

·         Then, move your cursor on My Account

·         After this, you should select ‘Subscriptions ‘.

·         Now, you will see the details of the subscribed products.

·         Here, you have to navigate to My Account option.

·         At the end, you need to select ‘Profile’ and then you can see the expiry date of the product.

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