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Augmented reality may sound like a futuristic concept or revolutionary technology, but the fact is that it has been around for more than 50 years now. AR is a technology that brings your digital environment to reality by placing virtual objects in the real world.

The highly interactive technology is present everywhere today. There are some of the best AR games out there that are redefining the augmented reality experience by engaging users with stunning visuals and graphics.

This blog is all about highly innovative AR games that are literally rocking the AR market, with the help of AUGMENTED REALITY GAMES. From interactive maps to virtual showrooms, these extraordinary adventures augment games are packed with every standout feature that persuades the audience to give AR a shot.

Battle, collect and navigate your way across a randomly generated Cosmos. Venture into uncharted Solar Systems, and do battle with some of the most powerful beings inhabiting Time & Space.

Genesis Augmented Reality
Battle, collect and navigate your way across the great expanse of the cosmos. Use your powers to dominate the tainted beings of the mysterious rift, building an army of powerful warriors, beasts and gods from across the Aeons.

Using AUGMENTED REALITY players experience an addictive skill-based real-time battle system. Collect epic heroes from across spacetime and do battle with the forces of Rharkon's DarkTide. Each character is equipped with a myriad of attacks, some reliant on brute force and others on mystic or dark capabilities; allowing for a perfect combination of skill, strategy and foresight.

If crushing friends in the arena isn’t your preferred option, the game also compensates for the competitive lone-wolf with an elite single player exploration mode that will test and hone the skills of any avid gamer. Explore a randomly generated universe and fight your way into it’s depths. Your task is to keep order, and protect the Universe from the Chaos of Time itself.

You are a Riftlord – a mortal chosen by Genesis to end the final influence of Rharkon & his dominion. You must venture forth into unknown Times, using your power to command the most powerful beings that inhabit Time & Space; Building an army of gods, warriors and beasts from across the Aeons.

AR Cards

AR Cards are plastic cards that the Nintendo 3DS uses as position trackers for some augmented reality experiences, such as AR Games. When the image of an AR Card is in clear view of the console's outer cameras, it can cause some in-game effect. Only the image on an AR Card is important, though the size and material of replacement AR Cards can impact readability.[1]

Six AR Cards are bundled with the Nintendo 3DS: the "?", Mario, Link, Kirby, Samus, and Pikmin Cards, respectively labeled A-1 through A-6. The "?" Card has a ? Block symbol and is used to start AR Games. Games such as Nintendogs + Cats have Mario-related content accessible by scanning the Mario Card. Some games, like Photos with Mario, use additional sets of AR Cards.

The above text is from the Super Mario Wiki and is available under a Creative Commons license. Attribution must be provided through a list of authors or a link back to the original article. Source: AR_Card.

Capsule toys
In Japanese train stations nowadays, you often see small vending machines with handles, packed with round capsules inside. These are capsule toy machines — loved by kids and adults alike. They are also called gacha gacha, because of the gacha sounds that they make when you turn the handle to make a capsule fall out.

augmented reality toys
BRICKxAR is a novel augmented reality (AR) instruction method for construction toys such as LEGO®. With BRICKxAR, physical LEGO construction is guided by virtual bricks. Compared with the state of the art, accuracy of the virtual–physical model alignment is significantly improved through a new design of marker-based registration, which can achieve an average error less than 1 mm throughout the model. Realistic object occlusion is accomplished to reveal the true spatial relationship between physical and virtual bricks. LEGO players’ hand detection and occlusion are realized to visualize the correct spatial relationship between real hands and virtual bricks, and allow virtual bricks to be “grasped” by real hands. The major finding of the research is that the integration of these features makes AR instructions possible for small parts assembly, validated through a working AR prototype for constructing LEGO Arc de Triomphe and quantitative measures of the accuracies of registration and occlusions. In addition, a heuristic evaluation of BRICKxAR’s features has led to findings that the present method could advance AR instructions in terms of enhancing part visibility, match between mental models and visualization, alignment of physical and virtual parts in perspective views and spatial transformations, tangible user interface, consolidated structural diagrams, virtual cutaway views, among other benefits for guiding construction.

Augmented reality real estate

Augmented Reality (AR) uses advanced visualization technology to enhance or represent real-world environments, providing innovative ways of engaging with spaces. AR tools are used in real estate to tour unfinished properties, diagnose problems from a distance, and iterate designs on the fly.

AR Words
 Artistic, arrogant, archival, armchair,  arterial, aromatic, artistry…



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genesisaugmented travel blog images

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