What scenarios are drone jammers usually used in?

What scenarios are drone jammers usually used in?

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In recent years, civilian drone jammer technology has become more and more mature and its application has become more and more extensive. At the same time, accidents and related safety issues caused by civilian drones are becoming more and more common. The order of life also played a role. Although civilian drones have many applications, they may also be used increasingly maliciously.

Currently, drones fly above most obstacles. At the same time, the drone has a relatively stable camera flight recording system, which transmits images in real-time, which is convenient for the shooting of key departments in the high-wall compound. Due to the tight terrain around major event sites or important facilities, in order to prevent criminals from carrying harmful items over walls and railings through drones and transporting them to the site, drone jammer countermeasure systems can also be used. There are some uncontrollable risks here. Some aerial photography enthusiasts have no intention to fly the drone to the event site or this is some sensitive area. Civil aviation airports, docks, warehouses of important materials, and administrative agencies have all suffered losses due to drone intrusions.
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Therefore, this type of anti-UAV jamming countermeasure system is also applied. It adopts the method of suppressing radio interference, which is the most direct and effective countermeasure machine against "black flying" drones.

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