K-contents series ... From 'Criminal Records' to 'Casino' Disney+,

K-contents series ... From 'Criminal Records' to 'Casino' Disney+,

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Disney+ is introducing a variety of K-content lineups by launching the 'Disney+ is serious about K-contents' campaign for the month of October, from the drama 'I'll start the argument' to the entertainment show 'Pink Rye'. As a result, it has been well received not only in Korea but also abroad, attracting attention.

First of all, in 'Let's Start the Argument', which is about to release the long-awaited 릴게임 last episode this week, foreign media outlets said, "I'm very curious about how the ending will go" (leisurebyte), "The ending that surprised the audience" (IDNtimes), etc. He praised the court mystery.

At the same time, foreign media reported to 'Casino', which foretells the story of a character who has become a legend in a casino that boasts super luxurious castings such as Choi Min-sik, Son Seok-gu, and Lee Dong-hwi, "The long-awaited drama. The excitement is boiling” (thevibes).

Previously at the 27th Pusan ​​International Film Festival, 'Connect' starring Jung Hae-in, Go Kyung-pyo, and Kim Hye-joon included, "The impressive filming and development with dark humor provide incredible fun" (South China Morning Post), "Miike Takashi" It will be very valuable to watch 'Connect' led by ”(screenanarchy).

Global viewers also said, “(About ‘Pink Lie’) I love this reality,” “카지노사이트(Drama ‘Detective Records’) seems like there is one more drama to watch”, “‘(Connect’) I was really looking forward to Disney+ I am happy to be able to see you on TV.”

Among these, the 'Detective Records' planned and produced by Studio Dragon will be released for the first time on the 26th. Disney+'s original series 'Detective Rock' is the story of a detective who becomes a murder suspect who killed his colleague with a phone call, and pursues his past in order to catch a 'friend', a mysterious blackmailer.

First of all, Lee Seong-min, who plays 'Kim Taek-rok', a veteran detective with 30 years of experience, said, "The fun of predicting who the 'friend' will be is the best part of watching 'Detective Records'." He also mentioned a different kind of fun that viewers can feel while chasing an unidentified blackmailer 'friend'. He said, "The whole story was very interesting, and I felt a lot of charm in 'Taekrok'. It is a work that makes you look forward to the next episode.”

Jin-goo, who plays the role of 'Kook Jin-han', the new head of the investigation department, said, "It is a story with a twist and a twist, but the humanity that melts in it is the biggest attraction," he said.

'Criminal Records' is directed by Han Dong-hwa, who encompasses various genres such as the 'Bad Guys' series, '38 Squadron' and 'Navillera'. Beginning with the release of episodes 1 & 2 on October 26, two episodes will be available on Disney+ every Wednesday.

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