How are sneakers different from running shoes?

How are sneakers different from running shoes?

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When it comes to casual footwear, many tend to use the terms ‘sneakers’ and ‘running shoes’ interchangeably. However, they are not so. Sneakers are casual shoes you wear daily while running shoes are, as the name suggests, for intense running activities and other sports uses. Despite this clear difference, many people still buy sneakers online thinking they can use them for intense sports activities. In this article, we’ll show you how sneakers are different from running shoes.

Where are sneakers used?

Sneakers (or trainers/joggers as they’re called in Britain) are casual wear footwear used for daily use. They can be used for physical activities like running, jogging, gymming, or any sport but not for professional use. Most top-selling sneakers like Air Jordans, Yeezys, Asics, and others are fashion statements, which many people collect as a hobby or buy a few of them to go with their outfits. The more popular ones, like the Air Jordans and Yeezys, are seen as lifestyle shoes, which usually only the rich can afford. This is because many iterations and colorways of these shoes are released in limited quantities, and sneakerheads (sneaker collectors) go to great lengths to get them from official sources. This is despite the shoe models being more than three decades old, like the Air Jordan 1s and other trending sneakers for men.

Where are running shoes used?

As the name suggests, running shoes are preferred when it comes to running races, jogging, or even running on a treadmill. These shoes are specifically designed to help the wearer run quicker with minimal drag or chances of injury. Many shoes from leading sportswear brands like Adidas and Nike come with patented technologies that aid runners run faster with minimal resistance to pounding on the foot. For instance, Adidas’ Boost soles come with specially engineered foam that captures and releases pressure exerted on the sole.

How to differentiate between sneakers and running shoes?

Generally, you could find running shoes in the sports shoe section of any shoe store. On the other hand, New arrival sneakers online would be prominently displayed in the store, to get more people to buy. However, sometimes the difference between running shoes and sneakers is blurred.

Some retailers sell running shoes as sneakers or vice versa for economic gains. Though you could use them interchangeably, many a time these shoes may not suit your requirement. That’s why it’s essential to buy sneakers online after doing a little bit of research along the way.

Where to ideally buy running shoes or sneakers?

Though you could get your running shoes or sneakers at any shoe retailer, remember that many retailers stock counterfeit or low-quality shoes and charge high rates to gullible customers. If you’re serious about using a good quality pair of running shoes, you might as well buy them from official sources online. This could mean the company’s official website or the best online sneaker store.

Most genuine shoes are challenging to buy as the demand outstrips supply. This doesn’t mean you can’t buy genuine shoes, it just means you could buy your shoes from alternative sites like the best online sneaker store that has genuine shoes at affordable prices. The next time you’re looking to buy those pairs of Adidas NMD Boost Running shoes, you know where to go!

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