Get the most out of your wifi jammer

Get the most out of your wifi jammer

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In the face of different environments, give full play to the performance of wifi jammer.

Due to various factors, such as the location being relatively close to the base station, the local environmental signal is relatively strong. At this time, the effect of general wifi signal jammer is not very obvious, the shielding is not enough, and the function is relatively simple. Therefore, a high-power wifi jammer will be considered at this time. High-power wifi jammers use a reasonable method to transmit super strong shielding signals to ensure that each frequency band can be completely covered and reasonably avoid other electronic signals. It can be used in prisons, large open areas, confidential places, and other places.
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High-power wifi frequency jammer will vary in design and structure and may be much larger in appearance. Most wifi jammer devices choose to use an external antenna, which takes up a lot of space and has a long shielding distance. Of course, the shielding effect is relatively stable. Generally, in classrooms and exams, the use of low-power wifi blockers can achieve the desired effect. There is a certain distance and the ability to pass through walls. Know which bands are blocked. Generally, the mobile phone signal can be blocked when it leaves the factory. Manufacturers can also be required to block other frequency bands, such as WIFI, drones, walkie-talkies, etc., which manufacturers can do.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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