The benefits of platinum silicone sex dolls

The benefits of platinum silicone sex dolls

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What are sex dolls for?
Sex dolls can satisfy sexual needs
Method 2. Prepare a clean white towel and a bottle of alcohol. Use alcohol to soak the towel, wrap the towel around only the part of the dyed silicone skin, fix the towel, and wait for a certain period of time (the time depends on the severity of the dyeing), the color will gradually be precipitated as the alcohol volatilizes. While using the above method, use talcum powder to frequently wipe the dyed part, mini sex dolls can accelerate the speed of recovery.

When we have sexual needs and have male sex doll around us, then our sexual impulse problem can be solved. This is why some people want to ask us what sex dolls are for when they are not very clear. After using it, I believe everyone will be very clear about how strong orgasm a sex doll made of soft silicone now can bring us.

The benefits of platinum silicone sex dolls
After the color is removed, try to choose light-colored clothes when choosing clothes for the sex doll, such as white, pink, yellow, etc. Light-colored clothes must be passed through the water before they can be worn by the doll. Dark clothes are not recommended, such as : Black, blue, etc., because of staining problems.

Of course, if you want to make its quality better, many manufacturers definitely like to use imported platinum silica gel, because this kind of medical silica gel does have a very strong usability. For example, it can be between -60 degrees and 200 degrees, or it can maintain chemical stability, without any color difference, no deformation, and it also has very strong aging resistance, which is indeed true for production dolls. Very advantageous. When we look at the skins of these sex dolls are exactly the same as real people, they are so smooth, and how shiny they look, then I believe we also understand in our hearts what cheap sex dolls are for.

Robot sex dolls are a higher experience
Nowadays mini sex doll can talk intelligently, and if we activate the remote control, we can realize the temperature of the whole body, blink the eyes, and move the corners of the mouth slightly. These actions can indeed achieve a catalytic effect during sex, especially When a sex doll, he can make a sound called a bed, many men definitely feel that they can’t stop it, not to mention that the sex doll has a mechanical frame as a keel inside, so it can change many positions for you to use. I believe that after using it, it will not be anyway. Ask what sex dolls are used for.

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