What are the application of computer networks?

What are the application of computer networks?

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Computer networks are an amalgamation of gadgets (computers as well as laptops) connected for the purpose of sharing data or sharing of resources.

The devices utilize general protocols for connection that go over digital interconnections in order to connect to other devices.

Data sharing can be accomplished in two possible methods

The physical cable medium, for example, optical fiber cable, twist pair and so on.

Methods for wireless communication like Wi-Fi, radio communication as well as microwave transmission.

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A good illustration of network is tern LAPLINK that lets you transfer data from one via a particular parallel port, which is considered as a computer network. Another example that is mentioned here is that all of us can make use of it in our daily life, i.e., the internet.

There are many kinds of networks. They include such as LAN MAN as well as WAN.

There are many kinds of networks that could be utilized for various purposes.

Local area networks (LAN) are typically utilized in connection with personal computers within the boundaries of a restricted space. They are utilized in workplaces, businesses and factories to transfer information and data.

Metropolitan area networks (MAN) can be used to connect devices across the entire city within a range of 50 kilometers or more. These networks are utilized for the telephone company network as well as the cable TV networks.

Wide Area Networks: Wide Area Networks are utilized in the vast geographical range of an entire continent or country. They are employed in military services as well as railways, mobile operators, and airline reservations.

PAN: Personal Area Networks designed for private or separate workspaces that are within 10 meters in distance. They are used primarily to connect smartphones, tablets as well as laptops.

CAN campus area networks are utilized to connect geographically limited areas. Can connect several Local Area Networks (LAN) within colleges University, Corporates, and Corporates buildings, etc.

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Computer networks and their applications

1. Resource Sharing

Resource sharing is a feature of computers. Resource sharing is the ability to share one piece of hardware and software between several users. Hardware comprises printers, Disks and Fax Machines and more. Computing devices. Software is available, including Atom Oracle Virtual Box, Postman, Android Studio, and many more.

2. Information Sharing

By using an Computer networks, you are able to communicate information over the network. Additionally, it gives Search capabilities like WWW. On the network, single data can be shared between the numerous users on the internet.

3. Communication

Communication includes email, calls, message broadcast, electronic funds transfer system etc.

4. Entertainment Industry

The Entertainment industry also makes use of computer networks extensively. A few of the industries in the entertainment industry include Video on Demand Multi-person real-time simulation games movies and TV programs, among others.

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5. Access to Remote Databases

Computer networks permit us to connect to our Remote Database of the various applications used by the users. Certain applications include Reservation for Hotels, Airplane Booking, Home Banking, Automated Newspaper, Automated Library and many more.

6. Home applications

Many of the common uses for computers. Some can be used for home applications. For instance, you could think about user-to-user communications and the internet for remote instructions, electronic commerce and entertainment. Another option is to manage bank accounts, moving funds to other banks, and paying bills online. Computer networks provide an efficient connection between the users.

7. Applications for business

The outcome of business applications in this case is sharing resources. The purpose behind sharing resources is that, without having to move to the physical site of the resource all data, plans and tools are shared with any network user. A majority of businesses conduct business electronically with other organizations and other clients across the globe through computers.

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8. Mobile users

The fastest growing segments in computing applications is mobile devices, such as notebook computers as well as PDAs (personal digital assistants). Here mobile users/device means portable device. Computer networks are widely used in the latest technology, such as smartwatches as well as tablets, wearable devices transactions on the internet, buying or selling items online as well as other.

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