Basic key points to 420 doctor evaluation

Basic key points to 420 doctor evaluation

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Call it what you want: a medical card, cannabis card, marijuana license, suggestion, prescription, or 420 card—it's documented, verified doctor's approval to legally acquire and use medicinal cannabis to treat your disease or sickness. While there are a couple of online clinical Marijuana medical services suppliers that permit you to get a pot card without going out, they are not all made equivalent.

In California, has altered the view of the technique for obtaining a medical marijuana card. You no longer have to look for a "420 doctors near me," compare prices, travel (possibly to a seedy part of town), wait, then see a "specialist" who isn't so learned as the person in question ought to be, lastly pay a robust expense for an assessment — just to figure out you need to pay one more powerful charge for the genuine suggestion.

Simply follow the procedures below to obtain your 420 MMJ recommendation and/or card online.

Requirements for a 420-doctor consultation

Before contacting a recognized 420 doctor online, make sure you meet the following requirements:

First of all, you have to be 18.
Valid identification (California driver's license, passport, or other state-issued picture ID) is required.
Possess a valid, acceptable medical condition (varies by state). These include (but are not limited to) cancer, AIDS, arthritis,  chronic pain, seizures, muscular spasms, nausea, migraines, PTSD, and any other ailment for which marijuana gives treatment in California.
Visit the website

Simply go to on your desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone to have a call or phone 420 evaluation (whatever you choose) with a licensed, experienced cannabis doctor in minutes.

If you're hesitant to provide your health information online or have specific questions about the procedure, allows you to chat with a 420 medical doctor before signing up. When you visit the website, a giant, live chat bubble will appear on the right side of your screen, where a qualified California doctor will swiftly respond to all inquiries and concerns.

Fill out the MMJ application 

After completing the medical evaluation and submitting any personal data, you will be required to upload or snap a photo of your ID from ANY state, which can be a driver's license or passport. Many people assume they must be a permanent California resident to obtain a medical cannabis recommendation due to a misreading of California law. The sole legal constraint is that your recommendation is only valid for usage within California, but you'll be able to receive one as long as you're a US citizen!

If you choose the package that includes a medical cannabis ID card (produced by for an additional $20), you will also be requested to take a photo of your face, which will be put on your medical marijuana ID card. If you only want the advice, pay the $39 charge with a Visa or Mastercard (insurance does not cover it), and you're ready for your 420 assessments!

If you don’t want to do this then call our specialist on the phone number on our webpage.

Talk with a 420 doctor 
Patients who qualify will meet with one of's trained, compassionate, and competent 420 physicians over live video in 10 minutes or less to review their condition. You'll talk about your present condition(s), medical history, and how medicinal marijuana might help you relieve pain. While visiting some medical marijuana doctors might be scary and even terrifying, the courteous physicians at make you feel at ease from the start of your evaluation. It is important to note that the consultation is free since you will not be charged until you are medically authorized!

420 doctor recommendation regarding you
Upon acceptance, you will receive an email with a temporary digital PDF copy of your doctor's suggestion, which you may use the same day by printing it (showing it on your smartphone will not suffice). However, keep in mind that most dispensaries demand the official paper form, so contact ahead to see whether this version would suffice. Luckily, when you shop from neighboring weed dispensaries situated on Nugg's web-based pot conveyance commercial center, you'll currently be in the framework and will procure a $20 credit on your most memorable exchange!

You will receive your official signed and sealed recommendation letter in the mail two to three days later, which will include your name, patient identification number, and expiration date, as well as a doctor's signature and an embossed seal. Be wary of alternative 420 doctor evaluation services that will not put the raised seal on your recommendation, which, although not required by California law, is expected by nearly all dispensaries.

If you've been paying attention (or simply skimming) throughout this post, it should be as apparent as a California day that the recommended option for patients in the Sunshine State to see a 420 doctor and obtain a medical marijuana recommendation/card is to complete the full procedure online

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