Here’s How You Style MJ Jackets with Pants

Here’s How You Style MJ Jackets with Pants

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Hey Pal, remember when spider man costumes were our favorite? If not spider man, you must have worn one of your favorite superhero costumes, right? How did it make you feel? It is obvious that we all are mature adults now, but remember the time when life was simple? We used to wear our favorite hero’s outfits and it felt like we have superpowers. AH! The best days of our life. But we are not old yet, we all like music and we do follow our favorite celebrities, isn’t it? Ever thought about how will you look if your style is like one of your favorite singers? Since you’re here it is pretty easy to guess that you are a diehard fan of Michael Jackson. His fashion sense and outfits are to die for, Right? So Here's How You Style MJ Jackets with Pants. Stay tuned till the end.

Thriller jacket with boot-cut pants                                

Michael Jackson has always been a fashion enthusiast, as we all know. And he was not just famous among the youngster but aged people and kids also used to love his appearance as well as his performance whether it was off stage or on stage. If you are an MJ fan, you must know the red thriller jacket that he wore in one of his music videos. He wore the jacket in 1983, and the era had a completely different dressing style wear as we all know. But if you’re a young adult and want to acquire a vintage look, go for a bootcut. Style your thriller jacket with a boot cut and wear shoes with a slight heel. You will surely kill the stage.

Brit award jacket with slim fits

Remember when the pop kind won the brit award in 1996? Us, being his fans we all felt proud, didn’t we? If you were born after 1996, do watch the video of the ceremony. Since here our topic of discussion is his dressing style so let’s just keep our focus on that. Think of the Michael Jackson jacket he wore at the Brit award ceremony. How about styling it with slim-fit jeans? Such jackets will not look good with baggy denim pants or loose fits. Going for a slim fit with an MJ’s brit award jacket will add up spice to your fashion style.

Beat it jacket with simple black jeans

Imagine if you are a fan of harry potter? Seeing the scarf he used to wear inside Hogwarts will defiantly make you buy it. Similarly, Michael Jackson’s beat-it jacket is something we see on every clothing brand. The jacket may not exactly the same but the red color leather jacket always reminds us of our pop king. There is no doubt that Mr.Jackson had great taste in styling and clothing. Because of him, the clothing industry has seen multiple trends. If you like his fashion sense, why not dress like him and steal the limelight? Try to style the beat-it jacket with black jeans and a black turtle neck and people will not be able to take their eyes off you.

CTE military jacket and regular fit dress pant

We all agree that Michael Jackson's outfits were incredible. His style was eye-catching. He is not just the king of pop but the king of fashion. Many known singers have dressed to impress in the previous century, but MJ’s Fashion trend is something that the fashion industry is still following. His appearance in his music videos, award shows, and different ceremonies always gave a new trend to the fashion industry. The military jacket that he wore at one of the ceremonies is jaw-dropping. Imagine yourself in the CTE military jacket with regular-fit dress pants, you feel handsome, right? Your mother will not have seen her son looking so handsome in the past 20 years. Dress like a pro and steal the limelight.

Double Breasted jacket with slim fits

Ever thought that girls have more dressing options than boys? Because being a boy you always go for black and grey. Just open your closet, the only color you will see must be black, grey, or blue. As compared to girls, boys don’t take hours to get ready. Even If you’re out shopping, you will find yourself sitting on the couch while she will be trying to decide, which cloth she should buy. The reason is pretty obvious, she has too many color options, while you have chosen a black double breast jacket. Now if you both are going to an event and you’re confused about what to wear along with the jacket, don’t worry! Take out your double breast jacket and style it with a slim fit. The combination of the Breasted jacket with slim fits will make you look like the boss.

Pepsi jacket

Michael Jackson's costumes have never failed to impress his fans and followers. We all are a fan of his dance moves, his moonwalk is practiced by many dancers. It is sad, that we cannot copy his songs because he was a legend. His voice and way of singing cannot be adopted. But, we can adopt his fashion sense. Have you watched his Pepsi commercial from 1984? If not then go and check out the advertisement. Have a look at the jacket he is wearing in that video, you will definitely want to buy one like that. The jacket Mr.Jackson wore in that ad is something his fans adored the most. If you are planning to buy one, do buy a pair of short boots and black skinny jeans. Wear them together and set the fair on the ground.


If you have read the article till this sentence it is confirmed that you’re à la mode. Or maybe a fan of Michael Jackson because we all want to copy our favorite celebrities. We are living in the 21st century and almost all of us are music fans, isn’t it? Among all the music fans, some of them belong to K-Pop, some to English songs, and some people listen to different language songs. The number of music fans is as big as the ocean. As we have discussed Michael Jackson’s outfit, some people try to copy the BTS singer’s fashion style, one direction surely bought new fashion trends. There was a time when people use to style their hair like Justin Bieber. All these examples make it obvious that no matter as a child or as an adult, we do copy our favorite celebrities. Follow the fashion guide on this article, if you’re an MJ fan and steal your follower’s breath away.

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