What Signal Jammer Cell Phone Blocker Has To Do With me

What Signal Jammer Cell Phone Blocker Has To Do With me

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  On major electronic forums and social platforms, there are always posts explaining how to crack a signal jammer. Let's analyze whether these claims are valid, except for the purpose of cracking them.
  The signal is relatively static and does not interfere with other electronic equipment. Most cell phone jammer not only block cell phone signals but also have the ability to block WiFi, Bluetooth, or GPS at the same time. If you don't need them, you can simply remove the antennas to disable them.
  Sure, most offices need internet access, but what about cell phones? After some research, we found that 50% of managers don't think it's a good idea to use a cell phone in the workplace. Using a cell phone at work can be a distraction. That's why some manufacturers who ban cell phones are unusually productive. Therefore, you should consider using a signal jammer to block the signal in order to improve the efficiency of the staff. We need to take concrete steps to make mobile phone use healthier and more standardized. Cell phone jammers have changed the way people use their phones.
  Let's look at how a signal jammer works:
  When the gps blocker works, it scans from the low frequency to the high frequency of the forward channel at a certain speed. This scanning speed will cause garbled interference to the signals received by the mobile communication, and the mobile phone cannot detect the standard data sent by the mobile phone tower, so the mobile communication cannot establish a connection with the base station. Mobile communication is characterized by no search network, no signal, and no service system.
  Next, let's analyze the so-called method of cracking the signal jammer:
  Does It really work? So after some testing, we can say that this method is not effective. The principle of masking is correct, but it can intentionally or unintentionally confuse the point of view. Basically, no matter what the phone signal frequency, it exists in the signal jammer within the shield. The signal jammer scans and transmits the same frequency band. There is no good phone, so it will be blocked no matter how you switch.
  The development of communication technology accompanies the development of signal jammers. New signal frequency bands also appear accordingly with the emergence of new communication technologies. It is impossible to crack and evade the signal jammer by any number and band because it is within its shielding range no matter which several bands you use.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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