All parliaments worldwide should use jammers

All parliaments worldwide should use jammers

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  Members of the Legislative Council or their mobile phones have been deactivated. Officials in charge of the two houses have ordered the guards to replace the old jammers with new models. This prevents GSM (older versions, etc.) and 3G4G phones from working properly. "The current jamming devices, only the 3g 4g phones are not good and the 5G models are not good, and the decision has been made to replace all the jamming devices," said representatives of both houses.
  Bopara, board spokesman, and chairman DH Shankaramurthy were asked to address the issue. Three MLAs were previously arrested while watching porn on their personal smartphones in the conference building. “Shankaramurthy and Bopaia licensed and purchased the jammer as soon as they were satisfied with the efficiency of the signal jammer,“ the official review said.
  As more and more people rely on GPS, the threat of interference is growing. In March 2012, a man was sentenced to 13 months imprisonment for operating a jamming device that prevented motorists from using mobile phones near their premises. In February 2013, another man was jailed for using a cheap gps jammer to make commuting easier. In June 2013, a man was sentenced to three months in prison for using a jammer in his car because he did not like to talk to other drivers on his mobile phone. Although these devices are illegal, they can easily be purchased online (I won't mention where they are). It's dangerous if you abuse them.
  Gps technology is so important because it provides a way for objects to navigate from one place to another. In another word, it is used to help that object know where it is and how to get from point A to point B.
  GPS technology is critical to the military because it allows soldiers and their equipment to be accurately positioned on the battlefield. It also helps to spot enemy forces and enables military leaders to better decide how best to engage them.
  Sources said that two senior officials applied for approval from senior police officers outside the Ministry of Communications and the International Bureau. The latter has the right to block telephone operations during VIP visits and other important activities. Another official commented, \"We can increase the number of portable jammers according to future demand.\" All general secretariat buildings are in the process of selecting these mobile phone jammers, and the jammer community is also involved. The Security Council has already done so.
  "We used to buy jammers from Hyderabad, they were very expensive and cost about 50,000 rupees ($1,000) per piece of equipment. Now we get these jammers from other suppliers. The equipment is more reliable and costs between 15,000 and 200 rupees (< 300-400 dollars), with officials saying rupees of the same quality or even better are sometimes cheaper.
  Global Positioning System Technology is also vital to national security, including fighting terrorism, protecting borders, stopping the illegal drug trade, and preventing cyber attacks on our infrastructure, such as the power grid.
  In addition, GPS technology plays an important role in daily life, providing information such as traffic jam reports; Weather forecasts; Airline flight schedules; When you drive or walk through big cities such as new york or Chicago, UPS or FedEx tracking service can provide information and more; Directions to go home after getting lost while hiking in Yellowstone National Park near Cody, Wyoming, USA!
  As you know, the legislature in any country needs to operate in a complex and reliable way, and the misuse of mobile phones can disrupt the system. That is why we want to help parliaments around the world prevent events like Bangalore, India. Should every congress in the world have a cell phone jammer? What are they thinking? Leave your thoughts behind.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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