GPS Jammers Reduce Accident Rates

GPS Jammers Reduce Accident Rates

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  Over time, many mobile devices—especially smartphones—have posed an increasing risk to U.S. drivers, prompting the Governors Highway Safety Association to investigate nearly 350 scientific articles to measure driver distraction. The results may be somewhat shocking. Various things distract the driver and cause breaks. We may be distracted by things like eating and drinking (of course not), talking to passengers, face painting, music, and more, but cell phones and smartphones are by far the worst known distractions.
  Talking while driving is a known issue and will develop over time. But texting while driving is even worse! Your hands look idle when you're talking in your headset. For your phone or smartphone, you can release it with one hand while looking directly at it. But your attention is diverted. But texting is the devil. Look at your smartphone, not the street, when texting. According to the aforementioned GHSA study, 25% of car crashes (ranging from minor to fatal) are caused by smartphone use while driving, so having GPS jammers
in your car is important.
  If you are a business owner, you can equip your mobile workers (fleet drivers, suppliers, etc.) with smartphones. Why? Because it is practical, modern and necessary. Talking and texting while driving not only puts these drivers and other road users at risk, but it also endangers company property. Many states have banned or planned to use cellphones while driving, but many ignore those bans and continue to create collisions and dangerous situations.
  Distracted driving is very exciting. It could be from your parents, your boyfriend or girlfriend, or another important call. But stop and think. Is this phone more important than your life or the lives of other people on the street? Maybe not. So, if you want to reduce distracted driving but don't want to take calls, you should install a cell phone jammer in your car. The small storage radius only covers your car and there is no other space, you will feel safe and comfortable on the road.
  The range varies, but in most cases the person who needs to make a call can get out of the classroom and do so without disturbing others. In between emergencies or presentations, all signals are instantly restored by simply switching off the device. For a simple jammer to disable student phones in small classrooms, you don't need an overly powerful jammer. In tight spaces, you can use cell phone jammer just like a normal cell phone.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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