Convert JPG to JEF - Here How’s It Done!

Convert JPG to JEF - Here How’s It Done!

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Embroidery task? To do so, you need to use proper software and a computer. You can’t just simply change one file into another file automatically. You need to do manual work when using the software to get the desired result. More importantly, JPG is a standard file that you can’t directly use for embroidery. You have to convert it into an embroidery-specific file such as PES, JEF, EMB, DST and much more to complete your work.

In the below blog, we will tell you about the steps to convert JPG to JEF and will also talk about both the formats so that you can know about them and understand why conversion is needed!


It is a standard image file that you see mostly on your desktop, mobile, and over the internet. The image has a ratio of 10:1 which makes it structurally compact but stores all the details of the images even in the small size. The individual can easily share the photos between the PC. mobile, and across the internet without much hassle.

Have a small memory and worry about storing the pictures? You don’t have to panic as due to their compact size, you can store thousands of images in a small memory. Use the images for editing or printing purposes. Later, if you need to edit them, you can use CorelDraw or store images in a JPG format.

Note that, it is not that you can only do conversion of JPG to JEF you can even go for conversions like JPG to PES, JPG to DST, and many more depending on your choice.


Now, let’s have a look at the JEF File. As we have discussed above there are different types of embroidery formats like PES, EMB, DST, and many more. The use of every format is different and they are perfect for different types of embroidery machines. If we talk about the JEF file, it is going to be compatible with the Janome sewing machine as the file contains all the important stitching patterns and instructions. You need these details to create the embroideries.

Don't forget that it is a native format that will be only used by the Janome sewing software and you can conveniently recognize it by Embird Suite. Moreover, this format is also workable for the Janome machine that is used for home working along with semi-commercial machines that are multi-needle PR machines. You just can’t use this file for a commercial setup because those machines have different functionality. The functionalities differ in terms of stitching abilities and usage.

Moving on, the Janome sewing machine lets you import the files which are used as embroidery templates available on the computer. To make things work you need assistance with digitizing software. The machine lets you import a . BMP file and you can save it as a. JEF file which will be compatible with the machine. This is the rough mechanism to convert JPG to JEF file.

Convert JPG to JEF - Here’s How?

Let’s have a look at the steps which are involved in the conversion of JPG to JEF format:

●     Open up the Microsoft Paint application on your computer. After that, you should open the JPG file you want to convert.
●     Next, you have to click on File and Save as. Later, you need to save the JPG file as the BMP file.
●     Now, it's time to open the Janome Digitizer easy edit software. Don’t forget to check the Format List box when you are about to pick the Bitmap option from the box. Moreover, you also have to identify the BMP file which is made with the help of Microsoft Paint.
●     Lately, click on Save As option and select the JEF option from the drop-down Menu and click on the Save button.

Significance of Embroidery Digitizing Software

An embroidery digitizing software is essential to create the file you want for embroidery purposes. Without it, you are not able to complete the task. In the market, you will come across different types of software and can get free and paid versions of the software. If you just want to learn things then you should go for the free version to practice first and then buy the paid version.

The paid version of the software will let you use all the features and these are mostly needed by the pros who have been working in the field for years.

Some free software that you can use are:

●     Bernina Artlink 8
●     Inkscape with Ink Stitch
●     DIME Embroidery and much more.

Paid software that you can use are:

●     Brother PE-Design
●     Chroma
●     Embrid and more.

Don’t forget that you need a good amount of practice to use the software, digitize the logos, convert files, and do other work. You also need a good computer to run the software.

Need professional assistance to convert JPG to JEF? Connect with a skilled embroidery digitizing company in your area and hire them. You should inquire about their experience, charges, and turnaround time to make the final decision.

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absolutedigitizing travel blog images

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