Attackers use GPS/GSM signal jammer to steal cars

Attackers use GPS/GSM signal jammer to steal cars

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  Modern car thieves carry more than just a "suitcase" (fishing rod) that allows them to remotely open a car equipped with a keyless car entry system. The standard arsenal of criminals' devices is also one that can jam GSM cellular signals and GPS/Glonass satellite signals. Using these gps jammer, thieves can prevent stolen vehicles from being tracked.
  Sticks on the steering wheel, locks on the pedals, multiple locks on the gearbox, sirens.A car thief can usually get past all these defenses without a problem. Due to the nature of criminal activity, many car thieves are highly trained and have many tools and equipment that can help them open their cars like nuts. Typically, for each model, professional car thieves have a set of tools and specialized equipment that will allow you to bypass the alarm and open the car. For the most part, criminals have set their sights on cars equipped with keyless entry systems, where the owner can open the doors without a key and use the start/stop button to start the engine.
  Usually, special radio equipment is used for this - a so-called repeater system, which receives the signal of the original key and transmits it to a receiving device located next to the door. This device is nicknamed "fishing rod" or "suitcase". This is how car thieves use this "stick" to steal cars.
  But stealing is one thing, not being found is another, nor can the police find a stolen car. This is especially true for cars equipped with safety systems with tracking capabilities (tracking alerts), which typically transmit signals about the car's location via cellular communication or satellite.
  Car thieves know that many of today's cars can be equipped with satellite, cellular or combination car sirens. So they get devices capable of jamming satellites (GPS/Glonass) and cellular radio transmitters (GSM).
  These cellular and satellite jammers are perfectly legal devices designed to eliminate communications where they are not needed. For example, the device could be used in business meetings or government meetings to prevent live wiretapping. Included cell phone blocker are included in theatres, cinemas, offices in many countries around the world.
  For example, turning off cell phones in a theater with a jammer can protect a performance from the loud ringing of an audience member's cell phone who forgot to turn it off. By the way, this often leads the actor astray or even forgetting the lyrics. Military and intelligence agencies use more technologically advanced silencers. Witnesses, for example, have repeatedly stated that cellphones and satellite communications suddenly disappeared on the route of the government convoy. Evidently, witnesses experienced first-hand how high-tech suppressors of satellite and cellular communications protecting the special services of the nation's top officials work.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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