Features of GPS Jammers

Features of GPS Jammers

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The output power of the GPS jamming device, GPS reception can be jammed from 10 meters up to several kilometers. This is due to the fact that GPS works from radio signals continuously transmitted by the satellites stationed in space thousands and thousands of miles away from the GPS receivers on Earth.
GPS Jammer for Cars – Outlet Power Model´╝îFor car, truck, bus, van, or even boat security, stop GPS tracking signals by simply plugging this into any cigarette lighter or vehicle power outlet. With up to 10 meter coverage, it will protect you from being logged in even the largest of vehicles.

Cigarette Lighter GPS Jammer is Easy to Use,This well designed, simple to use unit functions by just plugging it into a standard cigarette lighter or power outlet with 12V of power. It will automatically protect you by blocking any GPS L1 signal tracking on and within your vehicle that are being sent.

This handheld 8 bands best gps jammer can jamming with 2G, 3G, 4G, GPS, LOJACK and WIFI wireless signals. The maximum interference radius is 20 meters and the minimum interference radius is 2 meters. With battery and charging design, built-in Ni-Mh battery 4700mAH, continuous working time of more than 1.5 hours
This tracking jammer is a popular item with sales personnel, truckers, and delivery drivers, who wish to take lunch or make a personal stop outside of their territory or route “off the radar”.
For more information, read our GPS articles or visit our GPS jammers product page. We also have additional GPS jammer information on our blog.
What does a GPS jammer look like?

Because GPS-blocking devices come from multiple manufacturers, they vary widely in shape, size, and size, making them difficult to spot in a driver's car. Most commonly, GPS blockers work over short distances and are small enough to plug into a power source like a cigarette lighter or iPhone and block the signal from GPS trackers installed in the cockpit of a vehicle.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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