Gmail Tutorial for Beginners

Gmail Tutorial for Beginners

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What is Gmail?

Gmail, which stands for "Google Mail," is a free service that lets people send and receive email over the Internet. 

Gmail is one of a kind because it lets you store several gigabytes of email data. This means that most people don't have to worry about not getting email because they've used up all their storage. The fact that users can be inactive for up to nine months is another thing that makes Gmail stand out. Many similar services need you to log in at least once every 30 days to keep your account going. Lastly, Gmail has the best tools for detecting spam. This means that almost all spam is sent to the trash, so you don't have to read it.

Why is Gmail better than other email services?

Besides Gmail, there are a lot of other email services out there. Yahoo Mail is still around as are Windows Live Mail, Outlook, GMX, Protonmail, Yandex, AOL (believe it or not), and many others, including the account your ISP gives you. So why should you use Gmail to send and receive emails? Let's look at some of the things it has to offer. Gmail sign up at just takes a few minutes.

Lots and Lots of Space

Before Gmail, as I said at the beginning, you only had a small amount of space. Not pleased? Then what? Stop complaining and delete a few emails to make room.

But when Gmail first came out, after Gmail sign up, users will have 1 GB of space, and it kept going from there. People at the time thought it was "unlimited storage" because there was so much room. They couldn't understand how they could have so much. At the time, some bloggers started recommending that people use Gmail to store files online. Don't forget that back then, there was no cloud storage.

Today, every new Gmail account comes with 15 gigabytes of storage. However, those 15 gigabytes also count towards your files in Google Drive and photos in Google Photos. Upgrade your Google Drive space, which you can also use for Gmail, if you need more room. I do this, and now I have more than 100 GB of space.

Search Function

One great thing about having so much space is that you can put emails in folders and forget about them. But what if you later need to find a certain email?

Well, Gmail wouldn't be a Google product if it didn't have a great search function. By putting a few keywords in the search box, you can find emails and attachment types (such as emails with only PDF attachments). Filtering can be done by date, sender email, date range, label, and many other things.20 years later & this song still has the feels!

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