3 Qualities That Make MG Cars an Incredible Value

3 Qualities That Make MG Cars an Incredible Value

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The car market today is wild. With many manufacturers facing vehicle shortages, used car prices are through the roof. Fortunately, the best value for money cars in Australia are readily available and right around the corner. MG cars have long been one of the best-kept secrets on the car market. They start out affordable and hold their value without forcing you to forgo exciting features. The brand's motto is literally “Value Since 1924.” How does MG do it?

1. Unbeatable Prices
Incredible values require incredible prices, and that's exactly what MG brings to the table. The most affordable vehicle on the yard is the MG3 Auto, which you can get for only $18,990. These days it's hard to find a new car under $20,000. MG does it every day. The MG3 Auto is no tiny K-car either: it's got four doors and automatic transmission standard, along with an 8” colour touchscreen and a rear-view camera. It's the cheapest new car in Australia!

If you're looking for an affordable SUV, MG has you covered. The MG ZS and HS are the mid-size and full-size SUV options, respectively. The ZS starts out at a mere $22,990 while the HS is still an incredible bargain at $31,990.

2. No Sacrifices
Next time someone says, “You get what you pay for,” show them an MG. MG doesn't force you to sacrifice fun features to get a great deal. The ZS Excite, for example, has 17” wheels, stylish ‘London Eye' running lights, and a 7-year warranty to boot. Fold down the rear seats to get up to 1166L of cargo space, more than most other mid-size SUVs can offer. Safety wasn't skipped on either, as the MG ZS has full curtain airbags.

If you're thinking that these low prices must just be for the barebones models, think again. The ZST is an upgraded ZS and only costs $3,000 more. You get two more inches on the touchscreen, MG Pilot Active Safety which helps you avoid collisions and stay in your lane, and an upgraded transmission for better fuel economy and power delivery. Spend a little more to get a ZST Excite or Essence and you can drive off with a turbocharger, too.

3. Affordable Modern Technology
For the environmentally conscious, or for those looking to dodge today's soaring petrol prices, check out the ZS and HS EV models. That's right, MG also has EVs! You can go up to 320km on a full charge thanks to a modern battery pack and regenerative braking technology. EVs are expected to rise significantly in value as demand squeezes battery supply, making it a great time to invest in an electric future.

The HS gives you both a petrol motor and an electric system. You choose which one you want to use, or let the car decide which is best. Both the ZS and HS EV models can be had for under $50,000. These incredible values can only be found at the local MG dealer, so visit your MG dealer to check out these amazing value cars.  

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