How to fix Office apps "stopped working" error

How to fix Office apps "stopped working" error

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Microsoft Word has stopped working. You may see such a message on your Office apps while you open the Microsoft application. The most probably chances to see this error are on Microsoft Office's older versions like Office 2016 or Office 2013. However, the latest version, the Office 2019, may also make you experience the same due to no security fix or if you've not updated the software pack on your PC.

Stopped Working error may occur in any Office App, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, Publisher, etc. For example, with the same message, Microsoft Outlook has stopped working or Publisher has stopped working.

The cause behind this error can be anything such as older versions, and system OS has any bug, Office isn't upgraded, any other file is countering the Microsoft office or other. Well, whatever the reason is, the solution is always there. The primary things you can do are disabling Add-ins, repairing Office, and more. So let's see how you can fix this error with such methods.


For most of the common Office apps, follow the below instructions;
Disable adds-ins 
The one cause of "stopped working" can be a few add-INS that generate compatibility issues; therefore, you have to start apps in Safe Mode with given steps;

From the Start button on your Windows PC, select Run.
Enter commands for your office apps-
Word - Winword /safe, press Enter

Excel- Excel /safe, press Enter

PowerPoint - Powerpnt /safe, press Enter

Visio - visio /safe, press Enter

Publisher - mspub /safe, press Enter

Once you open your Office app in Safe Mode, you'll see the title bar as Microsoft Excel (Safe Mode).
Click File, go to "Options," and select the Add-Ins.
Verify the Manage list like Excel Add-ins, and then click on the "Go" tab.
If there isn't a Manage list, then click on COM Add-ins.
Uncheck on add-ins and hit OK.
If Abbyy FineReader, Dragon Naturally Speaking, and PowerWord are on the list, uncheck these all.
Restart your Office application as normal mode.

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If your Office app doesn't start, go through the above steps again and uncheck other add-ins.

If you couldn't start the Office app in Safe Mode, the issues isn't caused by add-ins. Hence, you have to try something else like Office repair or reinstallation or updating device drivers.

Repair Office apps
If add-ins were not the cause, try repairing the office app.

Download "Office uninstall support tool" from the Microsoft official app.  
Double click to install SetupProd_OffScrub.exe.
Uninstall Office apps using this software.
Follow on-screen steps.
Now, your Office is uninstalled. You can go through steps through to reinstall it.

 To repair it completely, incompatible Device Drivers.
If you are using Older Windows device drivers, then you should run Windows update PC and make sure you've installed these instructions;       

Windows 10 –
Click Start Menu.
Select Settings >> Update & security.
Select Windows Update.
Click "Check online for updates."
The updates will automatically occur on your PC.  

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For Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 –
1. Select Start, then go to the Charms Bar and Settings.

2. Tap on Change PC Settings.

3. Hit on "Windows Update."

4. Select "Check for updates."

For Windows 7 –
1. Click Start.

2. Go to the "Search programs and files" box, enter Windows Update.

3. The "check for updates" appears, and click on it.

4. If you see updates and hit on Install button.


Make sure the specific drivers are up-to-date with a printer like a keyboard, video card, printer, and mouse. If your issue doesn't solve, contact Microsoft support tech.

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