5G full-band jammer application

5G full-band jammer application

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  With the progress of society and the rapid development of the communication industry, especially the development of 5G technology, mobile communication has brought great convenience to people's lives, and it has also brought adverse effects on confidential places such as prisons, detention centers, and college entrance examination rooms. increasingly obvious.
  In the past two years, the incident of candidates cheating through 5G mobile phones has a strong warning effect on the supervision system.
  Technically speaking, the essence of the prison full-band gps blocker is electronic countermeasures or co-channel interference, which is to use the frequency band signal emitted by the device through the antenna to make the mobile phone unable to identify and receive the network due to garbled codes when receiving the downlink signal, and the mobile phone displays as No network status, to achieve the effect of shielding the signal.
  If mobile phones are brought into prisons and used by criminals, it will cause great harm to the management and security of prisons, detention centers and other places.
  Faced with the harm caused by mobile phones, how do prisons block 5G mobile phone signals?
  Wireless signal shielding is actually a project with high technical requirements, which cannot be solved by simply purchasing the prison full-band jammer equipment and installing it by yourself. In order to establish a perfect prison cell phone signal shielding system, on-site investigation, power calculation, construction planning, equipment debugging and other processes are essential.
  When the prison cell phone jammer needs to be used for wireless signal shielding in large and complex environments, from a professional point of view, high-gain antennas should be used in a wide range and some areas.
  The high-angle area is shielded by supplementing the optimized method with a small-range indoor antenna.
  Only by establishing a truly effective prison mobile phone signal blocking system can we provide strong security for prisons and detention centers Assure.
  The power of the prison full-band jammer needs to be configured and debugged by professionals to achieve the perfect shielding effect of strict shielding in the prison and no interference outside the prison.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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