GPS Jammers have the ability to cause damage to property and infrastructure

GPS Jammers have the ability to cause damage to property and infrastructure

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  GPS finds major use in most equipment and systems to provide location information instantly both in civilian and military applications. These devices use the signal received from a minimum three GPS navigational satellites or more to calculate the location information. The use of GPS Systems helps terrorists to navigate both on land in mountains, jungles or desert terrain thereby providing them with a high degree of mobility and action capability. Availability of UAVs or drones with GPS capability also provides capability to terrorists to have surveillance of potential target sites for reconnaissance. This provides them the capability to cause death of both civilians and security forces as well as destruction of property and infrastructure giving them high visibility for their cause. There is extensive use of GPS in military equipment and systems both on man-pack and vehicular basis enable forces to move accurately during operations both during day and night.
  Type of GPS jammers is Area Protection System against Satellite Navigated Hostile Threats which is a system designed to protect specific locations against missiles guided by GPS. It will effectively protect a well defined area from ground and sky threats while it will not, in any way, affect normal operation of navigation services outside this area. This is very useful to protect important locations like power generation facilities, national government or military headquarters or other critical sites from attack using GPS guided weapon like missiles or bombs.
  Can provide cover for military signals from 10km to 150km and for civilian signals it varies between 30km to 350km. The range depends on power amplifier and Antennas used and the total number of bands simultaneously active at a time. It also depends on the type of terrain and natural obstacles in the area.
  The type of signal jammer and their utilization can be customized depending on customer requirements and deployment envisaged. also prides in the intimate maintenance support provided by it during warranty and the entire equipment life cycle for the complete satisfaction of its esteemed customers.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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