Can a Jammer be Jammed?

Can a Jammer be Jammed?

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  We all know that our wi-fi enabled devices can occasionally just lose a signal. Chances are, that’s a result of an unintentional interruption in communication. It doesn’t necessarily mean that someone’s lurking nearby, purposely disrupting the device and causing you to lose your signal.
  However, when a cell phone jammer is being used, it can block any device within a certain range from connecting and communicating. Whatever device is using the same frequency, the jammer can prevent any incoming or outgoing communication.
  Jammers are a direct safety threat. It’s obvious that blocking someone from using their cell phone for communication would cause quite an issue. However, most jammers aren’t sophisticated enough to differentiate which signals they’re blocking, therefore causing much more serious issues.
  Using a transmitter to affect simple communication might seem like a prank or a silly joke, but these devices could also impede nearby emergency communication. They could also affect a wider range of communication, causing issues on many levels.
  Jamming a GPS signal could result in someone not being able to dial 911, or the emergency services being unable to find that person.
  While there’s no simple way for the average human to block a jammer, you can detect whether or not one is being used on your signal. You may be able to find where the transmitter is located, and then turn it off. Of course, this probably isn’t very safe, depending on who is using the jammer especially since they’re engaging in criminal activity.
  Maybe if you’re an experienced hacker then yes, you may be able to jam the jammers gps. But that would also involve illegally blocking a signal and making you just as culpable as the one doing the first jamming. Then you’d be guilty as well, and that all sounds like a terrible idea.

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precisejammers travel blog images

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