Water sports in Havelock Island

Water sports in Havelock Island

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Water Sports in Andaman Island 
When it comes to water sports non-swimmers got disheartened by the fact that won’t be able to enjoy the activities to their fullest. Let me tell you, that is not the case. The only prerequisite is a brave heart to leap into the water because you will be equipped with life-saving gears alongside the instructors. The Andaman offer a plethora of water sporting activities to test out the adrenaline strokes you got. 

Here is the list of all the must-do recreational water activities that you might not want to miss!

Scuba Diving

Be ready for the most fascinating activity on Andaman Island, Scuba diving the fact is it is equally easy for non-swimmers as well. You will be acquainted with the procedure in shallow water thereafter you can dive into the deeps to explore the marine beauty. And you will be accompanied by instructors all the time.


1.      Snorkelling

After scuba diving, snorkelling is the simplest and among the most picturesque activities in the Andaman. It is yet another fantastic method for learning about stunning aquatic life. The vivid, unspoiled reefs are home to a diverse diversity of fish and other water life that inspires wonder and awe.


2.      Banana Boat Rides


There is a banana-shaped boat tied to a speeding boat to create a rush. The banana boat can accommodate 6 people at a time. You can feel the rushing water around you amid the ocean and the splendid breeze. The ride is completely safe as an instructor alongside the life-saving gear is properly placed. So, overcome your fears and jump into them. 


3.      Glass Bottom Boat Ride 


Through this glass boat, be ready for an intimate experience with the enormous diversity of aquatic life. Glass bottom boating allows you to see marine life as it moves through the ocean in tiny boats with transparent bottoms. You may explore the enormous wonders of the sea without even having your feet wet. As the glass bottom that is within. Charge your cameras as the expert crew members on board introduce you to the different fascinating aquatic creatures below.


4.      Kayaking


Paddle your kayak into the stealth water and if you are in a group you can race each other as well and need not worry about the safety precautions. As you navigate your way to the wetlands, listen to the birdsong and take in the tranquilly of the environment. Take some of the greatest photographs of the stunning backdrop to immortalise the incredible moments spent there.


5.      Parasailing 


A unique activity that is especially an alternative for non-swimmers is Parasailing. It will make your heart beat 10X faster and shiver you down to your spine. A specially built canopy is linked behind the motor boat, allowing you to sail through the breeze along the waves at the very same moment.


6.      Jet-Skiing and Seakarts 


Nowhere else can you self-drive your watercraft on the ocean in total safety. Each Seakart can accommodate two passengers and one professional instructor. While driving alone on the water, the instructor watches you. And the Jet Ski is a somewhat a similar experience in this domain. But one thing you should be sure about is that your need for speed and the water chunky heart will be satisfied after this ride.

Apart from these major activities there are a lot more waiting for you and many are coming up each year so pack your bags and prepare your mind and body for an adventure cum soothing hassle-free trip to the secluded Andaman and Nicobar Island.


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